Social Media Automation for WordPress-Blogs

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Blog2Social for auto-posting, scheduling and cross-promoting your blog post to social media

In order to let Blog2Social work for your blog marketing, the plugin has to be installed and set up on your blog.

There are 2 options to install the plugin: The first option is to search for the plugin in the WordPress backend. The second option is to download and upload the zip file from the site.

Install and activate Blog2Social on your blog

Option 1: Installation via WordPress Plugin Search

1. Click the “Add New” link on your left-hand navigation bar.


1.1 Enter “Blog2Soical” in the keyword search at the upper right corner. The plugin appears in your search box.



1.2 Click on the”Install Now” button on the top right in the plugin window. It opens a layer.


1.3 Click the blue button “Install” at the right bottom of the layer

1.4 After the installation process, the plugin will be added to the left-hand navigation bar in the backend of your blog.

Option 2: Installing the plugin via download from org

2.1 Download the plugin at


2.2 Click “Add New” on the left-hand navigation bar in your WordPress dashboard and then click “Upload Plugins” on the top of your central window.

2.3 Select the downloaded plugin file onyour hard driveand install the file on your WordPress.


2.4 Activate the plugin.

2.5 After the installation process the plugincan be foundonthe left-hand navigation bar in the backendof your blog.

Troubleshooting / Problems with the installation routine?

If you get the following message:

This error informs you, that you have not sufficient rights for the WordPress installation directory. To solve that problem, you will need to have “read and write” access permissions on your WordPress subdirectories on your server. Usually, the settings and permissions of rights for directories are granted with an access to an FTP program, such as CuteFTP or Filezilla. The access permission rights are defined by numerical codes. . The correct numerical code for “read and write” access permission is “7-5-5”. This identifier defines the rights for the “Owner’s” “file name” as Read Write Execute, for the “Group” as (Read Execute) and for “Others” on (Read Execute). Please ask your administrator for clarification.


If you receive the following message on your installation window:


This is a safety query of WordPress. Tap your FTP access credentials into the required fields to confirm that you are authorized to install plugins for your WordPress system.

Connecting your social media channels

To connect your social media channels with your blog select the “Blog2Social” link on the left-hand navigation bar and then click on the „networks” link in the drop-down menu. The networks will show up on your central window.

You also have the option to set up various sets of profiles, pages and groups in order to post certain posts to thematically different pages and groups.


Posting to social media

After installing and set up, the plugin is ready to help you with your blog marketing.

1. To publish yourposts, you have two options

1.1 You can send your posts directly from the editing window of your blog article

1.2 You can also sendyour post from the overview section of your posts. Select    the “„All Posts” link in the Blog2Social drop down menu on the left-hand navigation   bar, select the article you would like to post and click the green button “Publish on social networks”. You can also re-post older articles from here.




With both options you will get to the network preview.



2. Optionally, edit the posting in order to adapt the message text or add comments, #hashtags or handles.


3. Select the social media channels you want to publish your post to.



4. Post your article to all channels at once or schedule and post one of your postings for all channels or for different channels individually



5. Selct an image from your gallery



6. You’re done! Click on the green button “publish post” to let the plugin work the rest for you. Your blog posts will be shared automatically at your preferred times to your selcted social media channels.