Social Media Auto-Posting and Scheduling for WordPress-Blogs

Auto-post, cross-promote, schedule, automatically share your blog posts to social networks for the best times to post to profiles, pages and groups.


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Auto-post, cross-promote or simply share your blog posts on social media

Save valuable time and tedious work for manually sharing your blog posts to social media. Auto-post when you publish a blog post. Cross-post or cross-promote your blog posts in just one single step. Re-share old posts, schedule for the best times to post, share and re-share once or recurringly.

Blog2Social makes sharing and cross-promoting your blog posts fast and easy. Get more outreach in less time.

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Custom sharing and scheduling for social media posts

Every social network has different options for promoting your post. Blog2Social automatically turns your post into an optimum format for each network. A one-page preview allows you to optimally customize each post for cross-promoting, sharing, re-sharing or re-posting with individual comments, #hashtags and @mentions according to your preferences. Blog2Social helps you to post in an optimum format.

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Schedule your posts for the best times to post on social media

Every network has its own best times for activity and engagement. Share your blog posts, when your community is online. Blog2Social provides you with a ready to use scheduler for the best times to post on each network. Or define your own custom time settings for your posts. Blog2Social shares your posts even when you sleep.

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Crossposting: All networks in one step

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It’s simple – How to Use Blog2Social for Auto-Posting, Cross-Sharing and Scheduling

Whether you want to auto-post, cross-promote or share. Blog2Social makes it faster and easier than ever to automatically share, re-share or re-publish your blog posts on multiple social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. Blog2Social provides two general options for sharing your blog posts on social media:



Check ”enable Auto-Posting“ in the editor view of your blog post and select your desired network selection. Blog2Social automatically shares your blog posts whenever you publish a new post optimized for each network.

Custom Sharing & Scheduling

Custom Sharing & Scheduling

Click on ”Custom-Sharing & Scheduling“ to customize individually your posts in one easy step. Blog2Social provides a one-page preview editor to customize texts and comments and to schedule your posts for the best times.

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Auto-Posting and Scheduling with Blog2Social Premium

Blog2Social is free for ever for cross-sharing posts to your social media profiles. Blog2Social Premium provides more options for auto-posting and scheduling your posts to multiple social media profiles, pages and groups as well as multiple licenses for corporate blogs and multi-author blogs and websites.


Automated cross posting on social media profiles with customisation options


Additional: scheduled posts | posts to groups and pages | multi-user and multi-profiles


49 * / year


99 * / year


For corporate blogs, multi-author blogs and portals
199 * / year
*incl. VAT
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