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Auto-post, re-share, cross-post, and auto-schedule your content across multiple social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more. Automatically share your WordPress content and blog posts, or text, images, links, and videos from any other source as social media posts. Blog2Social provides you with many options to make your social media management faster and easier.

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Social Media Automation:
Schedule and Share across Social Platforms



More Engaging Social Media Posts in Less Time


Schedule and share your posts automatically on social networks

Save valuable time and reduce the tedious work of manually sharing your posts on social media platforms. Auto-post when you publish a post. Cross-post or cross-promote your content and posts in just one single step. Re-share old posts, schedule at the best times to post, share and re-share once or recurrently.

Blog2Social makes sharing and cross-promoting your blog posts fast and easy. Get more outreach in less time.

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Custom sharing and scheduling for social media posts

Each network offers different ways to promote your post in the best possible way to get more engagement. Blog2Social automatically converts your posts in the best format for each individual social network.You can auto-post your posts or optionally customize your social media posts with a one-page preview editor. You can easily edit and tailor your social media posts with individual comments, #hashtags,@handles, and emojis for each social account just as you like. Custom sharing with Blog2Social helps you to share your social media posts in the best way to get more attention and engagement from your followers.


Schedule your posts for the best times to post on social media

Each social network has its best times for activity and engagement. Share your posts, when your community is online. Blog2Social provides you with a ready-to-use best time manager to auto-schedule your social media posts for the best times to post on each social network. Or define and save your own custom time settings for your social media posts. Blog2Social automatically shares your post even when you sleep.


Keeping track of your social media scheduling

Schedule and view your social media posts in the Social Media Calendar.
Change the date and time of your scheduled social media posts per drag and drop. Filter your social media posts per network and quick-edit comments, images, titles, descriptions as well as hashtags and handles.

Facebook Instant Sharing

Facebook Instant Sharing

Facebook Instant Sharing is a unique solution created by Blog2Social. It helps you keep on planning and sharing your posts on your Facebook profile after Facebook’s restriction to post on profiles with social media tools (learn more). With Facebook Instant Sharing we provide you with an alternative way to share your content on your Facebook profile or even on a friend’s timeline, in groups, events, on pages, or as private messages. Add @handles, tag friends, check in at a location, add emojis and activities or edit the privacy settings for your posts.

Content Curation

Share relevant content from any source on your social media accounts

Content curation is one of the most important strategies in social media marketing. Sharing relevant content from various sources will help establish your social media accounts as a valuable content resource for your particular field of expertise. Blog2Social allows you to share any text, links, images, videos or RSS feeds as social media posts with your followers in addition to your WordPress content.

This helps you to create and schedule all social media posts in one place to automatically fill your social media feeds with a content mix of your own content and content from other content sources.


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Social Media Auto-Posting and Scheduling with
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Use Blog2Social Free for free to share and customize social media posts on your selected social media accounts at once.

Blog2Social Premium provides you with many additional options to auto-post and auto-schedule your social media posts, as well as more advanced options for automated post customization, such as templates, RSS-feed import, sharing content from other sources, as well as managing multiple social media profiles, pages and groups for different users and websites, social media metrics, and team management.

Select from various Premium license packages for multi websites, corporate blogs, multi-author blogs and websites.

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Automated cross-posting on social media profiles with customisation options


Additional: Schedule posting times | Post to groups and pages | Social media templates | Automated re-posting | Social media calendar | Multi-user, multi-profiles and teams


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