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You like Blog2Social and you want to tell other WordPress users about the plugin? You review and recommend tools? Monetize your promotion with this simple and effective affiliate program! It's free and easy to join.

15 % commission

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We will pay you up to 52.00 USD commission on every sale you generate using your referral link.

5 % lifetime commission

Lifetime Commission

Earn 5 % for every annual subscription renewal from customers who first purchased through you.

no minimum payout

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You need no minimum turnover.

What is Blog2Social?

Blog2Social is a WordPress plugin that allows you to automatically share your blog posts on your social media profiles, pages and groups, fully customized and scheduled for each network. Customize your post for each network by adding individual comments and hashtags. Schedule your posts for the best times to post on each network. Save time and increase your outreach. Blog2Social is free. Test Premium with our 30 days trial. http://www.blog2social.com/

5 reasons for social media management with Blog2Social

  • 1. Social Media Automation for Blogs

    Running a successful blog does not end by hitting the publish button. Social media are powerful sources to reach out to more potential readers and drive more traffic to a blog. So, blogger have the tedious task of promoting their posts to multiple social networks and other blogging communities. Sharing blog posts manually is time consuming and painstacking work. Blog2Social helps to save time and works by providing powerful features to automatically share and schedule posts across all popular social networks, such as Facebook (profiles, pages), Twitter, VK (profiles, pages, groups), LinkedIn (profiles, pages), XING (profiles, pages, groups), Diigo, Reddit, to Tumblr, Medium, Torial for re-publishing, as well as for sharing images on Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest.

  • 2. Taylored posts for more engaging posts on each network

    Every networks provides specific options to promote a posts and every community reacts very differently to specific formats of a post. Blog2Social turns blog posts automatically into an optimal format for each network. But it also allows to customize blog post for each network individually in one easy step, to get more outreach and engagement. A one-page preview page displays all connected and selected networks with pre-filled editing fields which can be edited with individual texts, comments, hashtags or handles.

    Customized posts for each network allow you to adjust your message to fit each networks specifications. Tayloring your posts for specific networks helps you to optimize your message to fit the preferences of your target audience on every specific social platform.

  • 3. Best Time Scheduling

    The biggest challence of social media management ist to get the right content on the right platform at the right time. Every network has its own rush hours for user activity and engagement. Blog2Social provides a ready to use Best Time Scheduler to auto-schedule your blog posts for the best time to post or with self-defined time settings. Blog posts can be shared once or recurrently, to all or selected networks. Specific social networks bundles for specific sharing purposes can be saved in various network profiles for faster and easier access. Old posts can be re-shared and also scheduled, not yet publishes posts, can also be pre-scheduled and shared automatically at preferred times.

    Posting at the right time can increase the awareness for your posts. Otherwise your posts might just go down in the endless stream of social media noise.

  • 4. Cross-sharing to multiple accounts

    Blog2Social shares to profiles, pages and groups as well as pinwalls. Blog posts can be cross-posted to multiple networks as well as multiple accounts per network.

  • 5. Get more outreach in less time

    Blog2Social provides a professional tool to combine effective social media management with smart social media automation. Blog posts will be cross-shared on all social channels without looking like a robot. Blog2Social cross-promote blog posts on social media smarter, faster and easier and leave more time for creating awesome content and social media communication.

How do I join the Blog2Social affiliate program?

Step 1:
To participate as a new affiliate simply you register for our free affiliate program.

To register as an affiliate CLICK THIS LINK and you will be redirected to our affiliate system at our billing partner Payproglobal.com. It takes less than 5 minutes.

Step 2:
Remove the check mark at 'already registered' if you are a new affiliate for Blog2Social. Fill out the form and check your entered data. After registering, click on 'Submit'. Now you have registered for the affiliate program. After that, you are redirected to your personal affiliate-partner area on our partnersite at Payproglobal.com.

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Where do I find banners for advertising Blog2Social?

Please feel free to use the following banners for advertising. You can also use the text link above.

How are referral fees paid out?

Log in to your affiliate-account at Payproglobal.
Now click on the left hand menu 'withdraw funds'. Here you see a button labeled '+ Add Account' right above.
Here you enter a payment method for the payment of your commission paid out. After you entered a payment method, click on the tab 'Schedule'

Specify the currency in which your commission is to be paid (eg. USD, EUR). You also are able to specify your payout in absolute or in percentage values. You can also specify a minimum payout limit for your commission.