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This guide provides you with valuable content and resources for your crisis communication on social media.

The dynamic of the COVID-19 outbreak and the following social and economic lockup is a huge challenge for all of us. New rules and regulations are imposed on public life on a daily basis. Besides the fear of health risks, job loss and financial constraints, many people are struggling with severe disruptions in their daily routine, such as home office, overtime as well as schooling and entertaining kids at home simultaneously.

Businesses are faced with severe interruptions due to store closures, changes in demand, supply chain issues or the imminent need to organize digital infrastructures for remote work, online-communication, meetings, and events.

Communication is a now critical lifeline to connect humans and organizations. We provide you with essential strategies you can apply for your social media communications to respond to the current COVID-19 crisis fast and efficiently.

Your guide for crisis communication

This COVID-19 Guide provides you with strategies, tools, content ideas, and examples for communicating on social media throughout the crisis.

Transparent and ongoing communication helps you to stay connected with your customers and communities. But how, when and what to communicate during the current crisis?

We provide you with guidelines, tips, and examples on:

  • How to keep your communication flowing throughout the crisis situation, from initial response to current updates.
  • How to adjust your marketing messages to crisis mode
  • What types of content work best in a crisis situation

Download your COVID-19 Guide to crisis communication

COVID-19 Guide to crisis communication
Download your COVID-19 Guide to crisis communication

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The COVID-19 guide to crisis communication includes:

Checklist “How to set up your crisis communication masterplan”
Learn how to streamline your internal and external communication strategies for internal and external communication

Crisis communication strategies: How to handle the coronavirus crisis with marketing and social media
Learn how to master internal and external communication to reach out to employees, customers, and other stakeholders during the crisis situation.

Best practice for crisis communication
Learn about how businesses and brands communicate on social media throughout the crisis, from initial response to current updates to foster the relationship with your communities.

Essential tools for crisis communication
Discover essential tools that help you with your crisis communication, from setting up your home office to publishing and distributing your content and messages across your social media channels.

Get your coronavirus crisis communication going fast and easily and download your COVID-19 guide: Just fill out the form and click on “Download” to download the COVID-19 checklist directly.
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