Every solution starts with a problem and so, Blog2Social social media automation was developed to solve this problem.

A corporate blog can be a great marketing tool. But no matter how stunning the content, every blog needs a lot of marketing to attract readers and retain customers. The most important channels for marketing a blog are social media networks.

We have 5 corporate blogs and correspondingly many social networks, including personal profiles, ´business pages, product pages and groups on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, XING, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest and other content syndication platforms such as Tumblr, Medium, Reddit, Bloglovin’ and more. Sharing our posts manually is time consuming and tiresome work.

There are several social media automation tools out there, but we could not find a single one that fulfilled our own needs for social media sharing. Most social media automation tools just push out the same message to all networks, resulting in lifeless and robotic posts that don’t get much outreach and engagement. Social media marketing is not just posting tons of contents on your accounts. Social media is active engagement with your community. And this is something you cannot automate, but you can simplify the process and automate the routine work of sharing.

This was our vision and the main reason why we developed Blog2Social as a tool.  We wanted to customize our posts for the network specific features and practices. So we set up a cross-promotion plan for sharing our social media posts and started to delevop a solution to help us realize our plan with smart social media automation.

Our Vision of Smart Social Media Automation

We wanted a social media automation tool that would automate as much as possible and at the same time take advantage of the advantages of customizing our contributions to the specifics of each network and community.

Blog2Social enables users to customize and schedule social media posts for all social network accounts, pages and groups in an easy to use dashboard and in a one-step workflow.

Social Media plugins for WordPress: Customizing blog posts with the Blog2Social social media plugin for WordPress
Customizing blog posts with the Blog2Social social media plugin for WordPress

Blog2Social turns your social media posts automatically into the best format for each network and with a pre-defined comments according to the appropriate number of characters for each network.
You can also edit each social media post to meet the specific requirements of your communities on each platform:

* add personal comments, hashtags, handles or emojis to personally reach out to your community and encourage engagement.
* change the post format from link post to image post for each post or community
* select the image you want to post for each social network or community, select any image from your gallery oder device
* edit meta tag parameters for Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards to define your link post preview
* edit your post with a HTML rich text editor to syndicate your posts on blogging networks such as Medium, Tumblr or Bloglovin’

To schedule your posts, you switch on a ready to use Best Time Scheduler to auto-schedule your posts or at your own best times, once, multiple times or recurrently. You can view and edit your scheduled social media posts with an easy drag & drop calendar, re-share and re-schedule old posts, once, multiple times or recurrently.

We also developed a feature for auto-posting and auto-scheduling to do everything on auto-pilot whenever you publish a post. It was a feature very much requested by our clients, so we included this. However, we believe that customizing your posts will result in more visibility and engagement with your community. And this can be done in less than 5 minutes for all your social media channels.

Since the very first version of Blog2Social we have been working very closely with our clients from all over the world and so Blog2Social develops further with the growing needs of your customer base.

About Adenion GmbH

Adenion GmbH is one of the pioneers in online marketing technology in Germany. Founded in 2000 by Melanie Tamble and Andreas Winkler, Adenion has been developing and providing online marketing tools and services for more than 17 years. We have always supported our customers in distributing marketing contents on various internet channels. The company started with developing martech software in 2001, for affiliate marketing programs, PR-Gateway for press release distribution and CM-Gateway for social media distribution. The idea for Blog2Social was therefore an obvious concept for distributing contents on social media networks, as a WordPress plugin dashboard application for blogs and websites and as a Blog2Social Web App for sharing & scheduling posts, links, images, videos and documents from any source on social media channels.

Blog2Social for social media automation is used by bloggers, corporate blogs, social media profesionals, agencies and businesses of any size in more than 72 countries worldwide.



About Blog2Social

The Blog2Social WordPress Plugin

The comprehensive Blog2Social WordPress dashboard application supports WordPress bloggers and authors to automatically cross-promote and schedule blog posts and pages across social media networks.

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Blog2Social Web App for automatically sharing & scheduling posts, links, images, videos and documents from any source on social media channels. Curate content from any source across all your social media channels in one simple workflow.

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