In a crisis, efficiency and speed are your most valuable resources for social media communication.

  • Respond with speed
  • Create trust and strengthen loyalty
  • Foster the relationship with your community

Speed up your crisis communication across all your social media channel by cross-posting your crisis updates fast and efficiently.

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The coronavirus crisis is a huge challenge for all of us. People are fearing for their health as well as for their livelihood. Businesses are faced with severe interruptions due to store closures, changes in demand, supply chain issues, or any other of the many business challenges coming up. New rules and regulations have to be implemented daily. Crisis communication has to respond with speed, efficiency and consistency.

We support social media teams all over the world to manage social media crisis communication as easily and fast as possible - even when practising social distancing by working remotely.

Blog2Social and our customer service team will be there for you as usual via email, social media, and telephone.

We also provide you with resources to guide you on how to communicate on social media with empathy and efficiency throughout the coronavirus crisis.

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Checklist, tips and ideas for your social media #crisiscommunication

Honesty, transparency, reliability, empathie, consistency und current updates are six pillars of a professional crisis communication.

We provide you with tips, tools and content ideas for your social media crisis communication:

strategies and checklists for crisis communication management

tips and content ideas on how to communicate on social media throughout the coronavirus crisis

Trending hashtags for #coronavirus crisis posts

Essential tools for crisis communication

Learn how to

  • respond to the current situation and how to update your crisis communication consistently as developments unfold
  • answer the most obvious questions and worries of your audiences.
  • set up a crisis communication protocol for social media
  • promote your offers empathetic and helpful during the crisis
  • adapt your editorial calendar and adjust your scheduled to the current crisis
  • stay connected with your community throughout and beyond the crisis.

Respond with speed

  • Current updates are critical as new developments unfold.
  • A consistent flow of information keeps your communities updated in real-time.
  • Social media automation helps you to manage cross-posting and seeding to reach more people in less time.

Create trust and strengthen loyalty

  • Informing your audiences honestly and transparently about the situation will strengthen your reputation.
  • Provide answers to most obvious questions.
  • Review and adjust your scheduled content to make your messages relevant and empathetic for the current crisis.

Foster the relationship with your community

  • Respond to worries and challenges of your community.
  • Avoid hard selling, but provide helpful and assisting information to adjust your marketing to the current crisis.
  • Keep your tone empathetic to get your message appropriately to the crisis situation.

Checklist for your social media crisis communication


Prepare for a consistent flow of current updates, breaking news, stories and valuable content to tie your customers and communities to the important lifeline of communication:

  • Let your customers know how the crisis will affect your business relation and about any changes coming up.

Content creation

Adapt your editorial calendar and your marketing campaigns to the current situation:

  • Do not post hard sales messages but be helpful and supportive.
  • Offer special services, discounts or pay reliefs to those most affected by the crisis.
  • Publish help content and tips
  • Share important links and information from official and trusted sources
  • Ask your community: Listen to your customers worries and answer their questions.
  • Share love, hope and entertainment beyond coronavirus topics.


Show your responsibility for your team, your customers or your community:

  • Say thanks and share praise to those who help and engage
  • Share call-for-actions to stay safe and act responsible
  • Add @mentions to connect directly

Use trending hashtags, i.e. #corona #coronavirus #virus, #staysocial, #stayhome, #staysafe, #covid #covıd19 #covid_19, #quarantineday, #socialdistancing or #homeoffice.

Use multiple social network accounts to reach as many people as possible with your crisis communication and tailor your messages to each channel.

#SocialDistancing – #StaySocial

Blog2Social enables team collaboration - even with remotely working teams

Schedule posts with the social media calendar with your team.

Assign social media accounts to team members without disclosing login data.

Create post template to ensure that all posts apply to consistent brand standards.

Save posts as draft to quickly create new posts or to wait for approval.

In the current crisis situation a transparent and consistent communication is the lifeline to your customers and community. Streamline your social media communication to:

share your content and messages across multiple social network accounts fast and efficiently.

inform your communities at the best times for each network.

reach more people in less time with your crisis communication.

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