I am sure I entered the correct group ID but still I cannot connect Blog2Social to my Google+ group

2017-08-04 15:31

In general you can connect your Blog2Social to any group you are a member of.

  • if you have several Google+ profiles it's easy to get confused! You will receive the notification that the group ID you've entered is invalid, if the profil you want to post with is not a member of that group.

    Thus, if you have more than one G+ profile, please make sure to use the one which already is a member of the group.

  • the group you want to connect with should be public. If it is your own community, make sure to set it to "public".

  • If you are not sure about the correct group id, you can also insert the URL of the respective group into the field "Auto detect group-id" and Blog2Social will automatically identify the correct group id.

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