How to auto post imported RSS feeds as blog posts to Facebook and Twitter

2017-11-07 14:24

If done correctly, auto posting to Facebook and Twitter is a fast and convenient way to save a lot of time and promote your products as well as content alike. Therefore, it is essential to be present on both networks and to share your own as well as curated content.

In this article, we explain, how you can auto post imported RSS feeds as WordPress posts to Facebook and Twitter.

Why auto posting imported RSS feeds as blog posts to Facebook and Twitter can add value to your accounts

Sometimes you might stress about publishing new and valuable content every few days. This process might become overly challenging and time-consuming.

But, don’t worry. There is so much information out there that you can add value to your blog and social media accounts by sharing the cherries of that knowledge and recommend it to your audience.

This is called content curation.

Curating content is about sharing the best and most relevant articles, videos, infographics, etc. from various sources with your audience to provide them with even more value.

This applies to the sharing of social media posts as well as to your own website or blog content.

But, researching, editing, and publishing suitable articles on your own blog and social media can consume a lot of time.

Therefore, it can be of advantage to automatically import external articles, newspaper reports or blog posts via RSS feed or content auto-poster to your own blog. Then, you can auto-post the imported blog posts to Twitter and Facebook using the social media automation application Blog2Social.

This is how you auto post imported RSS feeds as blog posts to Facebook and Twitter with Blog2Social

With Blog2Social you can auto post imported articles to all your Facebook and Twitter accounts without even having to click once.

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To auto post imported RSS feed posts to your Facebook and Twitter accounts please go to „settings“ in your Blog2Social menu. Here you find the tab „Auto-Posting“ and the segment „Auto post your imported posts on Twitter & Facebook“.

Activate the Blog2Social Auto Poster

Please enable the option to automatically share your imported posts by default.

Activate the option to auto post your imported articles to Facebook and Twitter by default

Select the Facebook profiles, pages, groups, as well as the Twitter accounts you wish to auto post to.

Select to auto-post imported posts immediately after publishing or with a delay.

Please note:  Make sure that the WordPress user that has the correct auto-posting settings is also set as the author of the imported blog posts. Auto-Posting will always trigger for the WordPress user who is set as the author. 

Did you know?If you set the auto poster for imported posts on ‘immediately’, your imported blog posts will be shared to the selected networks the moment the article is published on WordPress.

If you set the auto poster for imported posts on a 1-10 minutes delay, your  imported posts will be shared with a delay of 1-10 minutes. This is especially helpful if you post several imported WordPress posts at the same time and want to share the corresponding social media posts at different times rather than all at once.

Filter the post types that you want to include or exclude from sharing. This way, only imported posts that meet the set criteria will be shared with the Blog2Social Auto Poster.

Save your settings and that’s it. Your imported and published blog posts will be automatically shared to your selected Twitter profile and Facebook pages, and groups.

Due to Facebook’s API changes automated posting on personal Facebook profiles is no longer allowed with any social media tool or app. With Blog2Social Instant Sharing, however, sharing to your Facebook profile is still possible. More information.

This is how it works:

Planned posts for your Facebook profile will automatically be sent to the Instant Sharing Tab and can be shared by pressing the share button. Learn how to use all the features of Facebook Instant Sharing, including sharing in in Events and Groups.

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