How to Post & Schedule Retweets

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Last update: 2022-08-22 00:05

Retweets are the new way to reshare the same Tweets across all your Twitter accounts in accordance with Twitter’s new rules. Learn how to schedule multiple Retweets for an original Tweet that you are planning with Blog2Social right from your WordPress.

Please note:
Due to Twitter's latest changes it’s necessary to use at least the “Basicsubscription of their API app since the free version does not provide this feature anymore.

To create your original Tweet in the one-page preview editor, go to “Blog2Social" -> "Social Media Posts” and select the blog post you want to share by clicking on “Share on Social Media”.


You also can open your blog post editor and click “Customize & Schedule Social Media Posts”.


Select the Twitter account you want to share your blog post on and customize your Tweet.


When you are happy with your post, enable the Retweet feature. Select another Twitter account to Retweet and the choose a time delay for retweeting your post on this account.


You can add more Retweets by clicking “+new Retweet”.



If you have planned all your Retweets, just schedule the original Tweet as usual and let Blog2Social do the work of retweeting your Tweets for you automatically.

Retweets have to be scheduled with a delay to the original Tweet, to make sure that the Retweet can be posted.

>> You want to make sure that your Tweets are unique? Learn how to schedule multiple individually tailored posts


Save your customized posts as drafts

After your individually customization of your post you can save these as drafts. All of your customizations, as well as your network selection and scheduling times will be saved in your draft.


If you are happy with your settings, click on "Save draft".


When you try to save a draft for a WordPress post or page with an already existing draft, you will be notified that saving your draft will overwrite the old saved draft. Please make sure that you are okay with this before you proceed.

After saving your social media post customizations you can edit and share them later. This saves time that you can spend on other things like creating valuable content or engaging with your community.


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