How do I select the post-type of my Facebook posts?

2017-09-29 15:05

There are several post formats to post to Facebook:

  • Link post: Post focussing on the link
  • Photo post: Post focussing on the image

Why using image post or link post formats can impact your outreach

  1. Share your blog post with a focus on the link

    The link post type displays the posts title, link address and the first one or two sentences of the post, as automatically scanned from your META or OpenGraph information. If your post contains an image, Facebook also displays the first image detected on the your page or the selected image you choose from the Blog2Social image gallery. The image is automatically linked to your blog post. 
    Link Post

  2. Share your blog post with a focus on the image

    The photo post type displays a selected image of your post with the comment to introduce your post above the image. The image is linked to the image view on your Facebook image gallery. You can add the link to your post in your comment, if you want to lead your readers to your blog. The main benefit of this format is, that your image is automatically uploaded to your Facebook image albums. You can edit the album’s name with a description of your choice.
    Photo post

Open "Settings" and select the "Network Settings" and click your favorite format. You can change your mind any time and simply click on the other option.

Learn more about how to define the look of your posts by setting Open Grapg Tags for Facebook or Twitter Card Tags for link tweets. 
Also, find out how to get most out of your Facebook posts on or blog: How to Boost the Organic Reach of Your Facebook Posts with Smart Social Media Automation

If you want to know how to monitor your Facebook reach, take a look at our FAQ: How can I monitor the reach of my Facebook posts?

Please note: If you have selected the post-type Facebook image post, Facebook will save your uploaded images in an album called "Album". You can rename this album on Facebook and Blog2Social will continue to save your posted images there. 

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