How do I schedule posts to be shared on social media in advance, using the best-time-scheduler?

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2020-06-30 13:23

Posting at the right time is essential to make sure your content is most likely to be seen. 

Blog2Social provides you with a pre-configured Best Time Manager to schedule your social media posts automatically to easily reach more visibility for your shared content. 

You can set the pre-configured best time settings for all your social media accounts while you share your posts or even apply them to the auto-poster. The pre-configured best time settings are based on current research.

 However, you can change these times and configure your own individual time settings for each of your social media accounts to post your content on social media when your target group and followers are online. By configuring an individual cross-posting schedule for all your networks you can you set up an effective social media posting plan to reach as many followers as possible.

How do I set my own time setting to post on social media?

How to set and apply the pre-configured best times in Blog2Social

To use the pre-configured best times settings for each of your connected social media networks go to “Blog2Social” then "Networks".

If you want to load the pre-configured best time settings, simply click the blue button above the connected social networks. The pre-configured times are automatically applied to all your social networks.

As you can see in the description for each social network, there are different time windows for the best times to post. The time-settings for your posts will be automatically set for the next available time-window.

If you want to select a different time-window or another day, you can adjust these time settings here. For example, if you have a Facebook profile and a page and you want to share your posts on both accounts at different times you can simply adjust the -/+ buttons. You can also schedule your posts for different days by adjusting the Day + button. For example, to share your post on your LinkedIn profile and a LinkedIn page, you could schedule to share your post on your profile at the best time on the day of publishing and on your page at the best time in the afternoon on the next day. 

How to schedule your blog posts with the Blog2Social Best Time Manager

  1. Go to ”Posts & Sharing” in the Blog2Social menu of your WordPress dashboard
  2. Click on "Share on Social Media"

In the preview editor, please click on "Load Best Times".

The  preview editor automatically adapts the pre-configured best times, changing from "Share now" to "Schedule for specific dates”.

You can change the pre-configured date and time in the editor to adjust them to your own time settings. All you have to do is select another time and day. You can change and save your adjustments as your own best time settings for future posts or you can apply these settings to all networks in your current preview.

When you are happy with your scheduling and customizing, scroll down to the end of the page and click on "Share". Done!

How to apply the pre-configured best time schedule to the Auto-Poster

With Blog2Social you can auto-share and auto-schedule your blog posts by applying the pre-configured best time schedule to the Social Media Auto-Poster.

If you want your new blog posts to be shared automatically without customizing them, you can select the “Auto Post on Social Media” on the right side menu of your WordPress editor.

Alternatively, you can set the auto-poster feature as a default option in the Blog2Social settings.

>> Learn how to use the auto-poster for Blog2Social

If you like to schedule your post for a certain date at the best times, please click on “Customize & Schedule Social Media Posts”.

You will be directed to the editor mask. Now you can click on “Load best times” and schedule the post to your preferred date.

How are the Blog2Social best time settings composed?

Blog2Social provides you with a pre-configured time-scheme to automatically schedule your social media posts for the best times to share on each social network based on recent research.

To set up this time scheme for the best times to post on each social network, we gathered data from some of the latest studies as well as data from our research on thousands of social media posts. We looked at the general times when people are most active on social media and thus are most likely to engage with content. 

As social communities use social networks for different purposes and interests, each network has different rush hours. 

On the business network LinkedIn, for example, users are most active between 08:00 am-10:00 am and 04:00 pm-06:00 pm, so before and after work.

Facebook, on the other hand, has its rush hours between 01:00 pm-04:00 pm and 06:00 pm-10:00 pm when people are taking breaks, coming home from school or browsing in the evening.

The pre-configured best times in Blog2Social provide you with a guideline if you’re not sure where to start with scheduling your post. 

However, the best times for your specific content and your specific communities may deviate from the general rule. So, we encourage you to adjust the times to your own best times settings, when you learn when your followers and target groups are online. A glimpse at your social media statistics can help you to identify the times when your content gets the most outreach and your communities interact with your content.  

For example, if your followers are stay-at-home moms, you might want to set up your social media posts to be shared when their kids are in daycare or school or have gone to sleep.
If you target sports enthusiasts, on the other hand, you might want to post before and after games or in the morning when people check scores for games they didn’t have time to watch.

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