How do I change the time of already scheduled posts?

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Last update: 2016-12-14 16:54

To change the time of already scheduled posts, please

  1. go to your Blog2Social dashboard, click on "Site & Blog Content" and
  2. click on "Scheduled Posts"

Choose the post, you would like to schedule at a different time and click on the blue "Details"-button.

A drop-down window will open up and give you the following options

  1. Delete the scheduled post.
    - If you click this button your scheduling will be canceled and nothing will be published on your social media profile, page or group
  2. Edit the scheduled post.
    - Here you will have the opportunity to edit your post and to change the date and time you have previously scheduled

A separate window will open. Here you can edit your post and change the date and time.
By clicking on "Change details" you can confirm your changes.


Already scheduled posts can be also adjusted to be shared at your best times or pre-configured best times by selecting a scheduled post in your calendar.

At the bottom of the post-preview overlay of the individual post, you will see two options for your time configuration.

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