Can I use Blog2Social for a WordPress Multisite Network?

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Last update: 2020-11-20 12:10

What is a WordPress Multisite Network?

A WordPress Multisite Network allows you to manage multiple WordPress blogs from a single WordPress dashboard. WordPress Multisite Networks are a great tool to host client websites, set up blogger networks, or present an all-in-one website solution for multiple customers with pre-installed plugins and tools.

Why you should add Blog2Social to WordPress Multisite Networks?

Adding Blog2Social to your Multisite Network enables you to manage social media automation for multiple WordPress websites and social media accounts. Blog2Social simplifies your social media management for multiple websites as well as multiple users. Features such as license management, assignment for social network settings (easily assign social media accounts, "best times" settings, and post templates to other users) or assignment for social media auto poster settings to other users enable you to simply define, manage and assign settings across multiple users.

With Blog2Social for Multisite Networks you can enable multiple websites and users to share the WordPress posts and pages automatically on 16 social media networks but also schedule social media posts in advance to publish them at the preferred times and dates. You can allow multiple users to easily cross-promote social media posts at the best times to boost visibility on social media and provide followers with a consistent flow of content from each of your Multisite area or domain.  

Which types of Multisite Networks are supported by Blog2Social?

There are different types of Multisite Networks that can be used, depending on your needs and projects. The following Multisite Networks are supported:

1. Subpages, if you have a multilingual website.
For example:,

2. Subdomains, if you like to separate different areas of your website.
For example:,

3. Independent domains, if you manage multiple websites on independent domains.
For example:,,

How can I license Blog2Social for a WordPress Multisite Network? 

Blog2Social is compatible with all regular WordPress Multisite Networks settings. If you would like to use Blog2Social for your WordPress Multisite Network please contact us and provide us with some more details on the structure and design of your network and the number of users/domains you would like to include in the license. We will be happy to provide you with an individual quote upon your request!
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