Solution: The content of your post could not be approved by the network.

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Last update: 2020-12-15 10:30

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Facebook has a security system that checks the content of your posts to ensure that the content does not violate the community standards. If you get the message: „The content of your post could not be approved by the network.” from Facebook, this can be caused by multiple reasons. The following guide will help you to check why your post could not be shared by Facebook and what you can do to get your post approved by the network algorithm.

Likely reasons:

  • The content couldn’t be shared, because the link violates the Facebook community standards.
  • The content has been blocked by the Facebook security systems or the content has been considered to be unsafe.
  • Other Facebook users have reported your content as abusive.


➜ Please make sure that your content meets the community standards and guidelines of Facebook. You can check the Facebook community standards here:
Afterward, please edit the content or the link of your post.
➜  If you think this is a mistake or if you would like to ask Facebook to undo this report you can contact Facebook to clarify your case here:

How to re-share the post?

After you modified your post or resolved your case with Facebook, please follow this path to re-share your post:
1. Click on the tabs “Blog2Social -> Site & Blog content -> Notifications". 
2. Choose the post which could not be approved by Facebook and click on “Details”.
3. Click on the button “re-share”. 

How to re-share the post

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