Sharing with the Auto-Poster- Things to check for Troubleshooting

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Last update: 2021-04-27 11:20

With the Blog2Social Auto-Poster you can share your WordPress posts and pages automatically across multiple social media accounts . If you run into any issue when setting up or working with the Auto-Poster, the following checklists will help you to check the necessary system requirements as well as the correct Auto-Poster settings.


  ⃣ Check system requirements
  ⃣ Check Auto-Poster settings
  ⃣ Check the available social networks
(if the post didn’t get shared on a specific network only)
  ⃣ Check settings of other users
(if you work in a team)
  ⃣ Check Page Speed
  ⃣ Check Social Media Post Notifications

 ⃣  System requirements

To ensure that the social networks can access the post information on your website at the time the Auto-Poster is triggered to send your post, it is important that your website meets the system requirements so that Blog2Social can work properly.  The following guide will help you to check the system requirements: >> System requirements for installing Blog2Social

Please modify your website settings if necessary.

 ⃣  Auto-Poster settings

The Blog2Social Auto-Poster provides you with two different options to schedule and share your posts automatically:

1. You will find the Auto-Post settings by clicking on the tab “Blog2Social” -> “Settings”  -> "Auto-Post".


You can define to activate the Auto-Poster for new posts, pages and product posts as well as for updated posts, pages and products. (Please note: By enabling this feature your previously published social media posts will be sent again to your selected social media channels as soon as the post is updated.)

2. Activate the Auto-Poster manually when you create or update a WordPress post:


Enable the Auto-Poster by checking the box “enable Auto-Posting”. You can select the network collection, your Twitter profile and the time you like your post to be shared.

 ⃣  Available networks

With the Blog2Social Auto-Poster you can share your WordPress posts and pages automatically on the following social media networks:

  • Twitter (1 profile)
  • Facebook (profile & pages)
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Imgur
  • Flickr
  • LinkedIn
  • XING (profile & pages)
  • VKontakte (profile & pages)
  • Bloglovin
  • Tumblr
  • Medium
  • Torial
  • Diigo
  • Reddit
  • Telegram
  • Google My Business

 ⃣  Settings of other users

Blog2Social works WordPress user based. Social Media connections and Blog2Social settings are not shared between users. Therefore, please be so kind as to make sure that every WordPress user who publishes posts that should be auto posted

1. is activated for Blog2Social Premium
2. has the same auto posting settings
3. has the networks connected (Blog2Social ->Networks)

If the user who you like to share posts automatically is not activated for Blog2Social Premium yet, you can activate your license for this user. You can see how to do this in the following instruction:
>> Team options: How to manage license keys and social network accounts for multiple users

 ⃣  Page Speed

Blog2Social shares your posts automatically. Therefore,  a constant connection between Blog2Social and your website is important. This connection is influenced by the performance of your website. You can check the performance with the Page Speed Insights Tool here:

Please check the performance together with your admin or hoster and perhaps get a more performant webpack.

 ⃣  Notifications

It might be that your post could not be shared. Then you will find this post in the tab “Blog2Social” -> “Site & Blog Content” -> “Notifications”. By clicking on “Details” you can check if you get any notification to see why the network could not process the data of this post. 

When you have checked all the mentioned points, you can take a look into the following guide where is explained how to share your WordPress posts and pages automatically:
>> How do I auto-post and auto-schedule blog posts on social media with the Social Media Auto-Poster?

If you like to share imported posts, you will find the checklist for the Auto-Poster forimported posts here:
>> Sharing Imported Posts with the Auto-Poster- Things to check for Troubleshooting

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