System requirements for installing Blog2Social

2018-05-15 12:52

Blog2Social works fine with standard settings. However, here are some general system requirements, in case something does not work as expected.

First of all, please ensure that your web server's performance is sufficient enough to host and enable a proper functioning of your WordPress installation and thus, Blog2Social. To find out, whether your blog runs with an appropriate page speed, please visit and test your PageSpeed scores by entering your blog's URL. The tool will offer suggestions on how to improve your page speed, if your scores are below average.

  • Wordpress Version > 4.4.2
  • PHP Version  > 5.5.3
  • MySQL Version > 5.5.3
  • Memory limit > 128M
    a) in wp-config.php File (in root folder of wordpress) define ("WP_MEMORY_LIMIT", "256M");  //512M   (M=MEGABYTE)  Minium 128M 
    b) in .htaccess File (in root folder of wordpress): "php_value memory_limit 256M"   c) in php.ini File (in Apache Folder): "memory_limit=256M"
  • Activate Heartbeats
    Wordpress is working with heartbeats by default. Of course, you can deactivate or regulate heartbeats with plugins such as "Heartbeats Control".
    Deactivating heartbeats prevents background tasks of Wordpress and Blog2Social from being executed properly. If you want to regulate heartbeats anyway, you can do so without selectively deactivating the plugin:
  • PHP CURL extension enable in php.ini
    STEP BY STEP Solution:
    - Locate your PHP.ini file. (normally located in the bin folder of your apache install e.g.)
    - Open the PHP.ini in notepad.
    - Search or find the following : ';extension=php_curl.dll'
    - Uncomment this by removing the semi-colon ';' before it.
    - Save and Close PHP.ini.
    - Restart Apache.
  • Max execution time  >= 40 Seconds
    a) in .htaccess File (in root folder of wordpress): "php_value max_execution_time 40"
    b) use wordpress plugin:
  • Max post size (optional)
      a) in .htaccess File (in root folder of wordpress): "php_value post_max_size 200M"
  • Enable PHP DOM extension


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