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2018-02-23 13:31

You can connect all the Facebook pages, for which you have admin or editor rights, with Blog2Social.

If you can’t see all your Facebook pages despite having the necessary page rights, this has most likely to do with rights granted to Blog2Social in your Facebook account settings.

To see and connect all your Facebook pages, Blog2Social needs specific rights to access these pages.

To grant these rights to Blog2Social, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Delete all your Facebook connections in Blog2Social
  2. Log into your Facebook account on www.facebook.com
  3. Click on the black arrow at the top right of your Facebook navigation bar to open a drop-down menu and select ‘Settings’.
  4. Click ‘Business-Integrations’ on the left side menu.
  5. Hover over the Blog2Social App and remove it by clicking the x.
  6. Log out of Facebook
  7. Go back to your WP and connect your Facebook accounts, groups and pages again with Blog2Social and make sure that you grant Blog2Social all rights to access your accounts and pages.

If you grant all the rights Blog2Social is asking for, you will be able to see all  Facebook pages for which you have admin or editor rights.

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