What is a shortcode and what do I use it for?

2017-03-20 08:38

A shortcode is a placeholder in WordPress which instructs WordPress to insert media content, text fragments or any other kind of appropriate dynamic content into your WordPress posts or pages.
Some WordPress plugins like Elementor, Visual Composer and Content Builder use shortcodes. A shortcode is placed into or between square brackets ([shortcode] or [shortcode] some html [/shortcode]). WordPress calls the function that is named in the shortcode and perform the desired actions in the very moment you publish the article on your blog.

In order for Blog2Social to consider shortcodes when posting to social media and incorporate the output in your social media post, you need to activate shortcodes in the general settings of Blog2Social.

To do so, please go to your Blog2Social Settings and open the tab "General". Here you can tick the box "allow short codes in my posts".

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