How to share multiple images in one post?

2020-09-29 14:17

Photos are an important part of content marketing. Visual content is an eye catcher and therefore irresistible for your social media posts. Images do not only reinforce language, they also communicate in their own language. They attract more intention, can evoke emotions and trigger associations.

Sharing more than one image improves even more the visibility of your content. You can create image series, show sequences, and level up your storytelling. 

With Blog2Social you can share up to 4 images in one WordPress post on the following social media networks:
- Facebook (pages & groups)
- Twitter

To do this, you can create a WordPress blog post or site first. If you already published one you would like to share, you can start to pimp up your post.

Step 1: 
When you published your blog content in WordPress, you can find this in the tab “All Blog Posts” by clicking “Blog2Social” -> “Site & Blog Content”. 
You can choose the blog post you would like to share and click on “Share on social media”.

 share on social media

Step 2:
Now you can see the editor mask and start editing your post. You can choose between the networks Facebook (pages & groups) and Twitter, where you like to share your post in. 
Please note: If you like to share your post with multiple images on Facebook (pages & groups) and Twitter, please change the post format from “link post” to “image post” first. 

 change post format

If an image already exists in your blog post or site, it will be shown as the first image of your gallery. If you like to change it, you can click on “change image” and choose another one from your blog contentor upload one from your media gallery. 

 change image

Step 3:
Apply image for your media gallery

To share more than one image, you can click on the blue button which shows an image icon.

create image gallery

add an image to gallery

A window will open, where you can choose between 
1) the images from your blog post if available or
2) upload an image from your media gallery. 

 upload an image

When you have chosen an image, you can click on “Apply image for this image gallery”.
Now your gallery contains 2 images.

 apply image for this image gallery

create image gallery

You can now repeat this step until you have selected 4 images you would like to share.
When you have completed your gallery and you are happy with your post, you can click on “share”.

 share image gallery

You have now published an image gallery, fantastic!

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