How do I select an image for Twitter?

2017-09-29 14:28

Twitter provides different post formats for tweets. If you send a tweet to Twitter, you can decide whether you want to share an image with an additional 280 character comment or whether you want to share a link and an automatic preview of your post.

If you choose to post link tweets, Twitter will automatically select the image for your post which is shown in the link preview. Twitter scrolls the metadata of your blog post and, in most cases, automatically displays the featured image of your post.

Learn how to set the right Twitter Card Meta Tags to define the image, title and description of your link tweets in the FAQ: What are Twitter Cards?

How to select and post an individual image on Twitter

If you want to select a specific image for your Tweet, you can post an image tweet instead. With Blog2Social, you can select to post image tweets by default and choose individual images for every social media post. You can choose all images from your blog post, your media library or, if you have a Pro or Business License, even upload any new images from your computer or mobile.
Simply, click on “Custom Sharing & Scheduling” in your WordPress Editor or “Posts & Sharing” in your Blog2Social dashboard and you will be forwarded to the one-page preview page. Here, you can edit and customize all your social media posts for Twitter and your other connected social networks in one single step.

With a click on the displayed image, a window will open, giving you the following options:

  1. Select one of your blog posts images
  2. Choose your selected image  as an individual images for this particular social network
  3. Choose to apply this image selection for all connected social networks
  4. Select and upload an image from your media library

Choose from your blog posts selection or from your media library and select images for Twitter

If you are setting up a recurrent scheduling scheme, this is also how you can select individual images for each scheduling plan.

After you have selected individual images for each social network or scheduling plan, click on “Share” to automatically cross-post or share your social media posts according to your social media scheduling plan.

Twitter Tip

Twitter restricts accounts in posting the same or even substantially similar original content to one or multiple accounts. This limitation applies regardless of whether the tweets are published at the same time, or are scheduled for future publications. With this change of rules, customized content becomes essentially for posting on Twitter. By using Social Media Automation Tools like Blog2Social you can optimize your Twitter-Marketing according to the newest Twitter rules.

Find out what these new changes mean for your social media marketing.

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