How can I edit my blog post in the HTML editor for re-publishing on Medium, Tumblr and Torial?

2019-09-02 12:31

Blog2Social enables you to not only share and post your Wordpress posts to Social Media but also re-publish your whole posts on blog networks like Tumblr, Medium and Torial.

In the one-page-editor you will see that Blog2Social already automatically generated the posts text. Scroll down through the blog post to check whether you like the format.

If you want to edit the text to your liking you can do so by using the following HTML tags:

<p> , <h1> , <h2> , <br> , <i> , <b> , <a> , <img>

When you have edited your blog post, scroll down and click on "Share" to re-publish your post.

After your individually customization of your post you can save these as drafts. All of your customizations, as well as your network selection and scheduling times will be saved in your draft.

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