How do I see already shared social media posts?

2017-01-23 17:27

To see the posts that you have already shared on your Social Media

  1. Go to your Blog2Social dashboard
  2. Click on "Shared Posts"

Choose of which blog post, you would like to see the shared social media posts and click on the blue "Details"-button.

 A drop-down window will open and give you the following options and information:

  1. Show the shared post.
    - If you click this button Blog2Social will forward you to the shared post in the respective Social Network

  2. Delete the shared post.
    - If you click this button the post will be deleted from the listing of shared posts

  3. Author
  4. Date and time when the post was shared on Social Media
  5. Social Media Account (profile, page or group) the post was shared on / to

Tip: To find the post you are looking for as fast and easy as possible, you can search and sort for:

  1. Titel
  2. Author
  3. Latest / furthest date of sharing

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