How many accounts per network can I connect to Blog2Social?

2017-02-03 08:40

Depending on the license version you've purchased you are able to connect a different number of profiles, pages and groups per network in total. Blog2Social shows you the exact number of possible connections per network.

The Blog2Social SMART Version
Accounts per network: 3

The Blog2Social PRO Version
Accounts per network: 5

The Blog2Social BUSINESS Version
Accounts per network: 15

Find out which other differences there are with each Blog2Social license.

Every user can connect their own accounts to post content to their social media. Social media connections are not shared between users. This way everyone has full control over their own social media accounts and nobody else can use them.

Tip: With the Blog2Social Business version you can assign your social media connections to other users, thus allowing them to use your social media accounts as long as you want. Of course, you can revoke these rights anytime.

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