How do I select the right Blog2Social license for my needs?

2017-07-12 10:10

If you are looking for the right Blog2Social license for you and your specific situation, there are three main aspects you should consider:

1. How many WordPress users should be able to use Blog2Social Premium in total?
2. How many profiles, pages and groups of each network would each user like to connect?
3. Which premium features would you like to use?

1. How many WordPress users?

Blog2Social works user based. If you have Blog2Social Premium, you will get a license key that you can use to activate Blog2Social Premium for certain WordPress users. All the other WP users on your blogs and websites can use the free version of Blog2Social when the plugin is installed.
With Blog2Social Pro, for example, you can activate Blog2Social Premium for up to 5 WP users in total. The users don’t have to be activated on the same blog.
You could for example activate
1 WP user on Blog A
2 WP users on Blog B
2 WP users on Blog C
= 5 WP users in total

If the same person uses different user accounts on one blog or on different blogs, they also count as separate WP users.

2. How many social media network accounts?

Every user can connect their own accounts to post content to their social media. Social media connections are not shared between users. This way everyone has full control over their own social media accounts and nobody else can use them.

Tip: With the Blog2Social Business version you can assign your social media connections to other users, thus allowing them to use your social media accounts as long as you want. Of course, you can revoke these rights anytime.

Here is an example that takes questions one and two into account:

You and your colleague are running 3 blogs/websites. In a team you are taking care of two of them, while you are responsible for the third blog/website on your own.

In this case Blog2Social PRO would suit you best. You can unlock a total of 5 WordPress users flexibly on one or more blogs/websites. 2 users on blog/website A and B and one single user on blog/website C.
Each one of your WordPress user profiles can connect up to 5 profiles, pages and groups of each network.

See how many users and accounts you can use with the different Blog2Social Premium versions:

The Blog2Social SMART Version

  • Users on one or more blogs / websites: 2
  • Accounts per network: 3

The Blog2Social PRO Version

  • Users on one or more blogs / websites: 5
  • Accounts per network: 5

The Blog2Social BUSINESS Version

  • Users on one or more blogs / websites: 10
  • Accounts per network: 15

You can purchase additional users whenever you like.
For Pro & Business, you can also purchase additional Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages or LinkedIn Pages.

3. Premium Features

While the Blog2Social Smart version offers many awesome features like scheduling, autoposting, best time manager, social media calendar and advanced customizing, some features and networks are exclusive to the Pro and Business versions of Blog2Social.

Social Media exclusively available in Pro & Business

  • Google My Business
  • LinkedIn Pages
  • XING Pages & Groups
  • Facebook Groups
  • VK Pages

Autoposter for imported Posts

  • SMART Version:  25 posts per day & user
  • PRO Version: 50 posts per day & user
  • BUSINESS Version: 100 posts per day & user

Advanced features exclusively available in Pro & Business

Please visit our website for more detailed information on prices and features included in our Blog2Social Premium versions. If you need help choosing the best Blog2Social Premium version for you, you can also contact us directly.

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