Connecting Instagram - Things to check

2019-08-14 08:58

Please follow the steps in this FAQ to connect your Instagram account to Blog2Social:

If you encounter any notifications and can’t connect Instagram as shown in the FAQ, please follow these steps exactly.

Step 1
Log into your Instagram app on your mobile phone to see if there are any security messages you need to confirm. If you connect Instagram with Blog2Social, Instagram might report that a server from Germany by Cologne area is trying to access your account. This is due to the fact that the Blog2Social server is located there. It's just a security notice to make sure the access is safe. Please confirm the access with 'That was me', so that you can connect Instagram to Blog2Social.

Step 2
First, check if you have entered all necessary information like your birthdate and your phone number. Next, post at least one image from your mobile phone to Instagram to make sure that this works.

Step 3
Make sure that the 2-factor-authentication for your Instagram account is disabled. It has to stay disabled as long as you use Blog2Social, otherwise, Blog2Social can’t post to Instagram.

Step 4
Delete all the connections to Instagram in “Blog2Social -> Networks” using the trash icon.

Step 5
If you encounter this message:

Log into in a private/incognito window in your browser to see whether you get a connection. Please make sure to type the username and password by hand, do not copy it.

Step 6
Log out of Instagram in your Browser in every other window as well as on all your computers and mobile devices. Please make sure to log out of the Instagram app on your mobile phone and not just close the app. There cannot be an ongoing connection to Instagram anywhere when you try to connect it to Blog2Social. (You can log back in if Instagram has been successfully connected to Blog2Social)

Step 7
Try to connect Instagram again in Blog2Social. Please make sure to type and not copy the username and password.
This FAQ tells you how:

Please note:
Log in with your Instagram username and password only

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