How to check your blog settings with the Troubleshooting-Tool

2020-05-20 10:14

With every new feature, new questions arise. The Troubleshooting-Tool helps you with conflicts that can be caused by the system settings of your blog. This way you can see independently your settings on WordPress at any time. Here is how to use the Troubleshooting-Tool.

Please note: Only system administrators can access the Troubleshooting-Tool. If you don’t have admin rights, please ask your system administrator to run the Troubleshooting-Tool for you.

First click on "Help & Support" in the left menu bar.

Then click on "Troubleshooting-Tool".

Here you get an overview of the necessary and your current settings on Wordpress.

The following settings are displayed:

  • Blog2Social Version
  • Wordpress Version
  • Wordpress Heartbeat
  • PHP Version
  • PHP Curl
  • PHP mbstring
  • PHP Dom
  • MySql Version
  • Database Rights
  • Hotlink Protection (disabled)
  • OpenSSL

To display your current settings on WordPress, click on the refresh icon in the upper right corner.

If one of your settings does not meet the necessary requirements, this will be displayed now.

You can download your results by clicking on the download symbol in the upper right corner. This way you can send the file to our support team with your questions.

To contact our support team, use the personal message option in the Blog2Social Community. To create an account and join the community go to "Blog2Social" and then "Help & Support" in your WordPress Dashboard.

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