Solution: Your authorization has expired. Please reconnect your account in the Blog2Social network settings.

2021-05-14 12:08

The message: „Your authorization has expired. Please reconnect your account in the Blog2Social network settings.” can be caused by multiple reasons. For example:

1. The credentials for your social media account were changed, such as the email address or the password.
2. Due to security reasons, some networks, like Facebook and Linkedin, refresh the authorization for all social media accounts regularly every 2-3 months.

The following instruction will show you how to reconnect your social media account so that you are again able to share your post to all your social media accounts automatically.

1. Please click on the tabs “Blog2Social” -> “Networks” in your dashboard.

Blog2Social networks

2. Go to the network, whose connection is interrupted. (1)
3. Click on the renew symbol, next to the settings icon. (2)
4. Enter the username or email address and your password. (3)
Grant the necessary access rights to Blog2Social if you are asked for it.  
5. Click on “Sign in” or “Authorize”. (4)

reconnect social media account

You can now share your posts again!

Please note: As soon as your account is reconnected, your scheduled posts will be shared automatically according to your regular scheduling plan.

You reconnected your social media account, but you still get the same message for Facebook pages or groups? 

If you renewed the account connection but still get the message “The connection to your social media account is interrupted. Please check your authorization and reconnect your account.”, please check if Blog2Social is added as an app in the settings of your Facebook page (1) or groups account (2). 

FB Business Integrations

FB Group Apps

You will find the instruction on how to add Blog2Social as an app in the following guides:
>> I cannot connect my Facebook page / I cannot see my Facebook page
>> How to connect and automatically post to Facebook groups

More troubleshooting guides for connecting social media networks:

>> Connecting Instagram - Things to check
>> Connecting Google My Business - Things to check

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