How to auto post imported RSS feeds and blog posts on Social Media

2019-07-09 09:40

Automatically publish your blog posts with the auto-posting feature on your social media with Blog2Social Premium. In addition, you can automatically post WP content imported via plugins to Facebook, Twitter and Google My Business.

You have the following options when autoposting with Blog2Social:

1. Share new or updated WPcontent with the Autoposter: Your own WP content will be shared fully automated on your social media channels as soon as you publish new content or update content. Go to “Blog2Social” -> “Settings” -> “Auto-Post”.

Follow this Quick Guide:

or find more information in the advanced guide to sharing your content with the autoposter.

2. Share individual WP content with the Autoposter: If you want to activate the autoposter for individual posts, open the post or page editor of that post in your WordPress backend and scroll the right menu bar to "Social Media Auto-Posting".

Follow this Quick Guide:

or find more information in the advanced guide on how to activate the autoposter for individual WP posts.

3. Share imported WP content Autoposter: Content that you import via plugins (e.g. WPeMatico) as WP content can be shared automatically on your social media channels.
Set up your import plugin and make sure to set your WordPress user as the author of the posts, then follow this Quick Guide:

or find more information in the advanced guide for sharing imported articles with the autoposter.

Start of the Advanced Guide

Import external blog posts via RSS feed

If you import external blog posts via RSS feeds into your own WordPress blog, you can share them automatically on Twitter, Facebook and Google My Business with Blog2Social and save a lot of time in your social media management.

To import blog posts via RSS feeds, you need an external plugin that imports the RSS posts as blog posts into your WordPress backend.

Therefore you should have a look at some plugins that can import RSS feeds and install one of them in your WordPress backend. Here are some recommendations from us:

These plugins save blog posts from your selected websites as drafts or - depending on your settings - publish them on your WordPress blog as soon as they are imported. With the Auto-Poster, these imported blog posts are automatically shared on your social media channels after their publication.

Please note:

  • Imported blog posts will only be shared after their publication from the Auto-Poster to social media. Blog posts who are imported as drafts have to be published first for the Auto-Poster to be activated. To make the Auto-Poster post these blog posts after publication, you have to activate the auto poster for your own posts. More information.
  • You can specify an author in the settings of the plugin that imports the RSS feeds. Make sure that the author corresponds to the user who activated the auto-poster in their settings because this is the only way to activate the auto-poster during import.

How to set up the Auto-Poster for imported blog posts

You can find your Auto-Poster settings under Blog2Social>Settings. Select the menu item "Auto-Posting".

You can manage the automatic publication of imported posts under "Auto-post your imported posts to your social media accounts.".

First, activate the automatic posting of your imported posts by setting the slider from "OFF" to "ON".

Select the Facebook Profiles and Pages, a Twitter account and your Google My Business Profile where you want to automatically share the imported blog posts.

Please note:

  • Twitter: Due to the new guidelines and cross-posting terms of Twitter, users are no longer allowed to post identical or substantially similar content to multiple accounts multiple duplicate updates on one account. The "Customize & Schedule" feature allows you to publish your posts on several Twitter accounts at the same time by varying the comment texts.
  • Facebook profiles: Due to Facebook's new API guidelines, auto-posting on Facebook Profiles is no longer allowed with any social media tool or app. With Facebook Instant Sharing, you can still share with Blog2Social on your Facebook Profile. Auto-posts for Facebook Profiles are saved in the "Instant Sharing" tab in your navigation bar under "Posts & Sharing" and can be sent to your Facebook Profile by clicking the "Share" button next to the post.

Then choose whether you want to automatically share imported blog posts immediately after publication or with a delay of up to 10 minutes. This delay is useful if you're publishing multiple imported posts at once, but want to share the social media posts at different times and not all at once. You can increase or decrease the number of minutes by clicking the up and down arrows.

You can also specify which post types (blog post, page or custom post type) should be considered by the Auto-Poster or which post types should not be considered. This way, the Blog2Social Auto-Poster will share only imported posts that meet your criteria.

If you are happy with your settings, click on "Save".

Your published imported blog posts will be now automatically shared on the selected Facebook Profiles and Pages as well as on the Twitter profile and your Google My Business Profile.

Find out more about the second possibility to use the Auto-Poster: How do I auto-post and auto-schedule blog posts on social media with the Social Media Auto-Poster?

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