How do I get my commission?

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2017-02-27 15:04

In just a few steps, you can get your commission:

Log in to your affiliate-account at Payproglobal.
Now click on the left hand menu 'withdraw funds'. Here you see a button labeled '+ Add Account' right above.

Here you enter a payment method for the payment of your commission paid out. After you entered a payment method, click on the tab 'Schedule'.

How are referral fees paid out?

Specify your preferred currency for the payout of your commission. (eg. USD, EUR). You are able to decide either to receive an absolute amount or a ration for your payout and can specify a minimum payout for your commission.


Specify the currency in which your commission is to be paid (eg. USD, EUR). You also are able to specify your payout in absolute or in percentage values. You can also specify a minimum payout limit for your commission.

Here you find all the benefits at a glance:

How do I get my commission

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