I submitted a post to Reddit but it was not posted, why?

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2019-08-30 16:34

Reddit runs on a special policy. Each member receives "karma point" depending on how well his/her comments or posts perform. If the community votes your post up, you will receive "karma points". By implication, you need a certain amount of "karma" to be able to submit your content to the subreddits on the platform.

If your post was not published on Reddit, please log in to your Reddit account and click on your username in the upper right corner. Your profile view will open and you can check your "karma" in the upper right corner, underneath your username.

Additionally, the number of "karma points" required to post to a subreddit can change from topic to topic. Therefore, make sure to know your subreddit before you post to it.

Each subreddit has its own rules. Sometimes the most important rules are displayed right on top of the submitted posts.

But all subreddits also provide their set of rules in the menu on the right-hand side.

Depending on your purpose on Reddit, you should read the rules carefully. Some subreddits strictly prohibit promotional content.

Others have specific rules on how to post to the subreddit, such as placing brackets like [FREE] [PREMIUM] [REQUEST][HELP] in front of your post.

Therefore, if your post has not been posted on Reddit, there are many possible causes. Always make sure to know the preferences of your specific Reddit community. For more information on Reddit read our blog post How to connect your WordPress blog to Reddit and build a community for your brand.

Please note: In order to publish your posts on Reddit, we recommend that you use the regular link, as Reddit does not accept posts with shortened links by Bit.ly and therefore does not publish your posts. You can change it if you have Bit.ly activated in your Blog2Social settings. More information about Bit.ly and where to find the setting can be found in this FAQ: Track the Performance of your Blog Posts on Social Media with Bit.ly

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