How to connect your Instagram Business Account with your Facebook page

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Last update: 2022-07-08 00:10

To post to your Instagram Business Account with Blog2Social, you need a Facebook page to link the Business Account to. The link can be made from Facebook or from Instagram.

Make sure you have an Instagram Business Account beforehand. If you currently have a Personal Profile, you can follow this guide to learn more about how to convert it to an Instagram Business account.
How to convert your Personal Instagram profile into an Instagram Business Account


How to create a connection between your Facebook page and your Instagram Business Account

To be able to connect to your Facebook page, you should have an admin role for the Facebook page you want your Instagram Business Account to connect to.
You can check your current role for this individual Facebook page by checking the page role settings:
Facebook -> Settings & privacy -> Settings -> Page setup -> View -> Page access


Your Facebook profile should be listed below "People with Facebook access".


If you have the required Facebook page permissions, you can proceed to connect the Facebook page to your Instagram Business Account:

1) Switch to your Facebook page by clicking on "See all profiles" and selecting the specific Facebook page.


2) Select "Settings & privacy" -> "Settings" -> "Linked Accounts" -> "Instagram" from the menu.




3) To add an Instagram account to your page, select "Connect Account". Then enter the Instagram username and password for your Instagram account and select "Sign in".


If you don't have an Instagram Business Account, Facebook will prompt you to convert your Personal Instagram Profile to an Instagram Business Account.


Note: If you want to remove the Instagram account, select "Disconnect account" and confirm your selection within Facebook.


Finally, just confirm the selection and the Instagram Business Account is connected to your Facebook page.

After you have checked and configured these two requirements, you can now connect your Instagram business account with Blog2Social.

You can find out how to do this in the guide:
How do I connect Blog2Social with my Instagram Business Account?


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