How do I connect Blog2Social with my professional Twitter profile for automated posting?

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2022-06-01 09:08

For businesses and content creators, it's especially important to share content regularly. With Blog2Social, you can pre-schedule and automate your content on your professional Twitter profile.

Similar to Instagram, you can create a professional Twitter profile as a creator or business. A professional profile displays a business category so users can directly see what your business offers.


With a professional profile, you can also use QuickPromote, which allows you to quickly post ads. This works by promoting one of your published tweets. To do this, you can specify the duration, budget and target audience in just a few seconds.With a professional Twitter profile, you will benefit from many more exclusive features in the future.

How do I set up a professional Twitter profile?

Before you connect your professional profile to Blog2Social for posting, you need to set up your profile.

1. Go to your Twitter profile. Click on "Edit Profile.

a)  Make sure your profile is complete: Account name, bio and profile picture.

b)  Do not use profiles for animals, fictional characters, fan or fake accounts.

2. Scroll down, click on "Switch to professional".

3. Click "Agree and continue" to accept the terms of use.

4. Next, select the category for your profile. Note that there are more categories than the ones shown here. Use the search bar and enter your desired category.

5. Then choose between a company or creator account. There is no difference in functuality so far.

6. That's it! Your professional profile is set up and the desired category is displayed in your profile.

If you want to use the professional profile without displaying the category in your profile, just click on "Edit profile" again, then on "Edit professional profile". Under this menu item you can also switch between Creator, Business and normal profile or change your category.

How do I connect a professional Twitter profile to Blog2Social for automated posting?

You can post to professional Twitter profiles in the same way as you post to a regular Twitter profile. Automated posting at your best times with Blog2Social also works with a professional Twitter profile.

To connect your profile, go to "Networks" in the Blog2Social menu and click "+ Profile" next to the network "Twitter". Then you can enter your credentials and click "Authorize App".

Here is a detailed instruction on how to connect Twitter profiles with Blog2Social.

You can learn how to connect all your other networks with Blog2Social here.

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