How do I disconnect one of my social media accounts?

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2016-12-16 11:46

If you want to delete a connected social media account in your Blog2Social "Networks" overview, you also need to delete your scheduled posts for this network account. You can now tick a checkbox to delete all scheduled posts for this account in one step.

To disconnect a social media account, please go to "Networks" in the Blog2Social menu of your WordPress dashboard.

Choose the account you want to disconnect and click on the trash-icon on the right side.

A separate window will open and ask you to confirm that you want to delete the authorization. If there are any scheduled posts for this network, please tick the checkbox “Delete all scheduled posts for this account irrevocably”. To confirm,  please click on "Yes, delete".

If there are no posts scheduled for the social network that you want to delete, you can simply confirm with a click on “Yes, delete”.

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