How to successfully post to XING groups

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2018-08-21 13:53

How to successfully post to XING groups

XING groups are a great way to share blog posts, company information, job offers or links. As a business network, XING focus on discussions with other XING members in XING groups. Therefore, publishing to XING groups is particularly successful when the published content is valuable, informative and useful to the community.

If the same content is posted in many XING groups, the quality of the groups suffers because the content is not tailored to the respective group. XING has therefore issued a code of conduct for crossposting in XING groups.

XING writes in its Code of Conduct for Group Members:"Multiple posting of the same content ("Crossposting") is not permitted.".

In the past, however, XING groups were often misused as publishing platforms for advertising and impersonal content and identical content was posted to dozens of groups.In order to contain spam and improve the quality of XING groups, XING has now taken measures to curb crossposting of the same content.

The new XING guidelines for crossposting in XING groups

These are the new guidelines:

1. You can only publish identical content once within one group.


Warning from XING when attempting to publish identical content in one group several times.

2) You can publish identical content in different groups for up to three times. You will be notified after the second post that you have only one post left. If you try to publish a post more than three times, you will receive a warning that you have reached your maximum and that your post has not been published.


Warning from XING when attempting to publish identical content in several groups more than once.


Warning from XING when attempting to publish identical content in several groups more than three times.

If you exceed the number of identical posts allowed, your posts will be deleted by XING.

5 tips for publishing posts in XING groups

To enable you to publish your valuable content in XING groups without falling into the spam trap, we recommend the following procedure:

Tip 1:

XING has over 90,000 groups. Focus on XING groups that are relevant and active.The "official groups" legitimized by XING, for example, are of particularly high quality. Here you will find regional, industry and theme groups professionally moderated by XING Ambassadors.

Tip 2:

Publish content tailored to group members and topics. Participate in existing discussions with comments, likes, and recommendations.

Tip 3:

Avoid advertising content, but rather publish topics that are informative, interesting and helpful to the readers of the group in the sense of "content marketing".

Tip 4:

Job offers, event tips, and small advertisements belong in the "marketplaces" (own tab) of the respective group. There you have a good visibility for up to 4 weeks. It also keeps the forums free for valuable content and discussions.Note: Group moderators can decide for themselves whether they want to activate the marketplace in their groups. If you don't find a marketplace, the moderator hasn't activated it, so you have to place your job, event, and ads in the forums.

Tip 5:

Vary your posting texts and customize headlines, content, and links. When a link is published, the main image of the article is automatically displayed. You can also upload an alternative image to XING.

Blog2Social supports customizing posts in XING groups

With Blog2Social you are on the right page to publish in different XING groups in accordance with guidelines, tailor your posts and save time doing so.

>>Learn how to connect XING groups and post to XING.

  1. Select the group and forum relevant to your topic.
  2. Vary your headlines
  3. Post useful and informative content. Avoid advertising, multilevel marketing, and spam.
  4. Vary your images.
  5. Use links to your blog, website, landing page or shop.
  6. Schedule your posts for specific times, so that XING group members are online when your post is published  For XING those times are usually on weekdays between 7 and 10 am and between 4 and 7 pm.
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