How do I re-share already shared posts?

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2020-08-31 11:04

With Blog2Social you can share and re-share your posts on your social media profiles, pages, and groups as often as you like. You can re-share your old posts individually (Free) or on a recurring scheduling scheme or re-share your posts automatically (Premium).

How to re-share old posts individually 

To share a post that you have already shared in the past, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to "Site & Blog Content" in your Blog2Social dashboard
  2. Click on "Shared Posts"

Select the post you would like to post again and click on "Re-share this post"

You will be forwarded to the usual Blog2Social one-page-editor.
Select the networks you want to post to and customize your posts to your preferences. Then scroll down to the end of the page and click on "Share"

Done! You have successfully shared an already shared social media post once again!

How to schedule multiple individually tailored social media posts for the same content

The following tutorial will show you how to schedule multiple individually customized posts for the same content:

How to schedule your posts on a recurring time scheme

The following tutorial will guide you through the options to schedule your posts on a recurring time scheme automatically

How to re-share old posts automatically

The following tutorial will guide you through the options to re-share your posts automatically:

More options for scheduling and time settings for your social media post


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