How do I auto-post and auto-schedule blog posts on social media with the Social Media Auto-Poster?

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Last update: 2023-08-11 00:00

Automatically publish your blog posts with the auto-posting feature on your social media with Blog2Social Premium.
Click on “Auto-Post” in your Blog2Social menu.


Since Blog2Social works WordPress user based, please make sure that each WordPress user or author whose posts should be auto-posted
1) is activated with a valid Blog2Social Premium license (How do I activate my license key?).
2) has the selected social media networks connected or assigned (“Blog2Social” -> “Networks”).
3) has the correct auto-post settings configured.


You have the following options when auto-posting with Blog2Social:

1) Share new or updated WordPress content with the Auto-Poster

First of all, you can select your "network collection" which includes your connected social media accounts where your WordPress content shall be shared automatically. This way your own original WordPress content will be shared fully automated as soon as you click on "Publish" or "Schedule" in your WordPress post editor.
If you tick the box "updated posts" your post also will be shared automatically each time you click on "Update" within the WordPress post editor.
When ticking the box "Apply best times" it will be shared at the preconfigured best times. You also can decide if your post shall be reposted after one or two days when ticking “Repost”.
If you’re facing the message "Your blog post was not available for the network at the time of publishing.", you can set up a delay of 1-10 minutes in your auto-post settings.


2) Share individual WordPress content with the Auto-poster

If you want to activate the Auto-Poster for individual posts, open the post or page editor of the specific post in your WordPress backend and scroll the right menu bar to "Blog2Social: Autoposter". Here you can tick the box "enable Auto-Posting".


3) Share imported WordPress content with the Auto-Poster for Imported Posts

Content that you import or create via plugins (e.g. WPeMatico) as WordPress content can be shared automatically on your social media channels.
Set up your import plugin and make sure to set your WordPress user as the author of the posts, then follow this guide:
How to auto-post imported content or RSS feeds on Social Media

The Auto-Poster for imported posts can automatically publish your imported content on the following networks:
-Facebook (Profiles & Pages)
-Google Business
-LinkedIn (Profiles & Pages)
-Telegram (additional Add-On or Premium Business subscription required)


Transfer your Auto-Poster settings to other users (Business version)

With Blog2Social you can transfer the Auto-Poster settings as a WordPress-administrator to other users if they have activated the same Blog2Social-Business license. This way, you can also assign social media accounts to other users, so they can auto-post without setting up these connections in each user account. Within these settings, you can also decide whether newly published or updated content from other users should be automatically shared. Users with an assigned Auto-Poster setting and an assigned social-media-network group will then share content automatically how you selected the content to be shared automatically.

Step 1: As an administrator, activate your auto-poster profile and settings for other users. Choose one or more user with the same activated Blog2Social license. 


By clicking on the "x" in the upper right corner above the respective user, you can remove the selected WordPress-author from the selection.


Step 2: The following settings and configurations are automatically applied when another user is assigned for the Auto-Poster configuration:

  • The selected network group by the administrator (the network group name for the assigned users is displayed with the label "External" in the network group selection for the auto-poster.)
  • The configured "Best Times" time settings if applied by the administrator
  • The post templates for the networks in the assigned network group


Step 3: Furthermore, all users as well as the administrator can easily remove the assigned Auto-Poster connection by clicking on "Disconnect", so that the default settings are available again.


If you are facing issues when setting up the Auto-Poster for your own original content, please check the following guide:
Sharing with the Auto-Poster- Things to check for Troubleshooting


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