What is a shortcode and what do I use it for?

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2021-02-24 14:08

A shortcode is a placeholder in WordPress which instructs WordPress to insert media content, text fragments, or any other kind of appropriate dynamic content into your WordPress posts or pages.

A shortcode is placed into or between square brackets, like “([shortcode]” or “[shortcode] HTML text [/shortcode])”. WordPress calls the function that is included in the shortcode and performs the corresponding actions at the very moment the post on your website is published.

These shortcodes are used by some WordPress plugins, e.g. page builder plugins.
Page builder plugins enable you to simply create modern designs and layouts for your own website. You can also easily add and prepare specific content elements for your WordPress posts and pages. These elements are defined as shortcodes in the HTML code. Blog2Social can include these shortcodes when posting to social media, if you activate the “Shortcode” setting in your general Blog2Social settings.

To enable Blog2Social to execute shortcodes when posting to social media, please activate shortcodes in the general settings of Blog2Social.

To activate the shortcodes in your Blog2Social settings:
1. Please go to your Blog2Social settings
2. and open the tab "General". 
3. Tick the box "allow shortcodes in my post".

Which page builder plugins are supported by Blog2Social?

Blog2Social is generally compatible with page builder plugins that follow the official WordPress rules and conventions.

The following page builder plugins have been specifically tested for our customers:

  • Elementor
  • WP Bakery
  • Avada Builder
  • Divi Page Builder

If you need any assistance with other page builder plugins you are using, please do not hesitate to contact us. >> Contact Blog2Social.

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