My hashtags are missing in my social media posts. Why?

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2021-05-04 10:56

With Blog2Social you have the possibility to automatically transfer individual or general hashtags to your social media posts when you schedule your posts and share them on the social media networks.
Blog2Social uses the standard tags from the regular entry fields of the WordPress editor for posts and pages as automated hashtags. This gives you the option to automatically add custom hashtags to your social media posts when you schedule them with Blog2Social.

In the following guide you will find detailed step-by-step instructions on how to automatically add hashtags to your social media posts:

Furthermore, Blog2Social offers the possibility to automatically use individual hashtags for your social media posts by customising the post templates.

Blog2Social also allows you to generate hashtags from WordPress tags or WooCommerce tags or keywords. All you need to do is adding variables to the post templates.

The following guides show detailed step-by-step instructions on the topic of post templates and individual hashtags:

Some WordPress websites use special "custom post types" in which tags are specifically managed or included, or special plugins that manage hashtags or another individual function that sets tags in the posts.
In order to check the integration of these individual functions for hashtags in Blog2Social, it would be helpful if you contact our customer service and provide us with as detailed a description as possible of the custom post type, plugin or other function and how this function / post type is integrated in the WordPress environment.
>> Contact Blog2Social.

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