Dos and Don’ts for Posting to XING Groups

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2020-05-20 12:59

Posting to XING Groups is a great opportunity to share news related to a specific field of business and to reach and engage with target groups. However, when posting to XING groups there are several dos and don’ts considering posting frequency and cross-posting to multiple XING groups.

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How posting to XING groups benefits your social marketing

Many XING groups are perfect to share blog posts due to their size and active engagement. On XING you can find up to 85.000 groups, ranging from expert, subject-based and industry-focused groups, to regional, sport, leisure and alumni groups. Additionally, you can find official XING groups from experts certified by XING.

Every XING group is different, follows it’s own rules and focusses on a specific field of interest. In order to benefit from your promotion in XING groups, you should pay attention to the following dos and don'ts for posting to XING groups.

A post is supposed to be of relevance for the specific XING group community. You should follow a couple of guidelines in order not to be marked as “SPAM”. We recommend to post not more than 5 posts or blog posts per hour and to limit the promotion of a single article to 2-3 XING groups at a time. Share your content on different days and at different times and only share it to XING groups with a very specific  focus on your topic. Always read and follow the group rules, before  posting to XING groups you should mind the group rules!

Considering these dos and don’ts for posting to XING groups can ensure to stay within the rate limits of XING and help you profit from the following benefits for your marketing:

Visibility and reach among attractive target groups

Posting to XING groups, is an ideal way to engage with interesting target groups and spread information focusing on a specific industry. You can meet a community of experts, interested in relevant business topics. You can monitor your reach underneath every post.

Discussions and interaction around your content in different XING groups

If your topic is interesting, your blog posts will receive numerous comments and likes. On top, readers can share your posts as well, reaching yet another target group. This way you can reach a wide community and meet experts and valuable influencers from your industry.

Posting to XING groups will help Google find your content

Blog posts posted to XING groups are permanently visible. If you share your content to a XING group detectable for Google, cross-promoting your blog posts to multiple XING groups can have an immense impact on your google ranking. You will be especially successful if your content is interesting, gets many likes, shares and comments and if you have optimized it to relevant keywords.

Dos and Don’ts for posting to XING groups to avoid common mistakes

The XING community is a challenging audience and can react touchy from time to time. To make the most of your XING promotion, you should considering the dos and don’ts for posting to XING groups and avoid making common mistakes.

Keep your XING profile updated

Your personal profile on XING serves as your business card. It should contain all relevant information and look authentic. A missing profile picture is a no-go when posting to XING groups.

Don’t just share links when posting to XING groups

Sometimes you can find plain link posts shared to XING groups, lacking any additional information or content. This can easily come across as sloppy or indifferent, upset group admins and readers alike and might be marked as SPAM.

Don’t overdo it: Post in a couple of groups only

Posting the same content to multiple groups on XING is off-limits. Instead, share your blog posts to 3-5 selected groups only, but share them on different days. Many experts are likely to be engage in several groups of similar focus, so random and excessive cross-posting will soon get noticed. Adapting the comment for your blog post to the special focus of each XING group will make your post more unique. Individual comments for each XING group community will ensure more attention and outreach for your post.

Posting the same blog post twice in the same groups drives away readers

Don’t post the same blog post more than once to XING groups as this will be highly regarded as spamming to these groups. Only post your blog post once when posting to XING groups and adapt your posts and comments to the interest of the specific group and community.

Posting to XING groups with Blog2Social

With Blog2Social you can post your blog post automatically to multiple XING groups. You can also tailor your posts with individual comments to adapt your post to each community. And you can schedule your posts for each community at differents days and times.

However, we recommend to stick very strictly to the rules and dos and don’ts mentioned above. Your postings will be especially successful in XING groups, if you share them very carefully across multiple XING groups. Only share to groups and forums for which your blog posts are highly relevant.  Put your focus on engaging and discussing with your community. This way you can demonstrate your competence and position yourself as an expert of your industry, leading to more likes and comments on your posts.

Learn more about the best times and the ideal frequency to post to XING and other social media networks in our blog post “How Often To Share Your Blog Post on Social Media”.

Tip: With the Premium Pro license of Blog2Social you can auto post and auto schedule your blog posts at a specific day and time. You use the best time schedule or save your own preferred times to post to social media. This way, you can plan your XING postings and keep an overview in order not to reach your daily limit.

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