How do I share social media posts on a recurring scheduling scheme?

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2020-09-07 13:36

Whenever you share a post on social media, only a fraction of your followers will actually see your post. Sharing your post more than once will increase your chance that your post will get attention. However, there are strict community rules for each social platform for sharing, re-sharing, and cross-promoting the same content. And there are also unwritten rules for each community on how they react to the post frequency (see: how often to share posts on your social media account. But if you stick to the rules you can share your post on a recurring scheduling scheme to increase your impressions, likes, shares, retweets, and finally blog traffic.

If your content already performed well in the past don’t let it dust over in your archives. Re-share your best articles, videos, and graphics recurrently.

Important factors when sharing your posts on a recurring scheduling scheme

To come up with a successful posting strategy and make the most of publishing evergreen content more than once, you should take some important factors into consideration.

  • The best time to post for each individual social network
  • The average lifespan of a post on the respective network

The best time to post on a recurring scheduling scheme

Whenever you post to social media, only a fraction of your followers will actually see your post. The outreach of your post is depending on the level of activity in your community at the time you publish your post. If only 10 % of your followers are online, only 10 % of your followers will get the chance to see your post. Therefore you should make sure to hit the best time when most users are likely to be online when posting to Social Media.

Check out the best times for all your favorite networks here 

Right frequency to post on a recurring scheduling scheme

Apart from the rush hours, you should also consider the average lifespan of a post on the different networks. While your pins on Pinterest will be visible for a couple of weeks even, the average tweet on Twitter has a lifespan of only 18 minutes!  Many of your followers have most likely missed your tweet the first time you’ve published it. Another reason why sharing a post more than once or re-sharing evergreen content is a good idea.

Learn about the optimal frequency of posting for maximum engagement for each network.

As you can see, social media success requires consistent posting. Use these guidelines as a starting point for your own experiments and analytics. Listen to your community and analyze at what time most of your fans and followers are online and to how many tweets or posts a day their engagement de- or increases.

While most of your followers won’t even notice if you recycle your content with the same images or comments, some networks (like Twitter) don't allow duplicate posts, especially if posts are shared in too short intervals. To save your posts from the algorithms, it is recommended to edit and vary your comments, hashtags, add a new comment (see: How to schedule multiple individually tailored social media posts for the same content), or select individual images in your tweet even if you share the same link post.

However, not everything is recyclable. Be careful with automatically resharing trending topics as well as holiday greetings when scheduling posts on a recurring time scheme!

How to schedule and share posts on a recurring time scheme automatically?

The WordPress Plugin Blog2Social makes it super easy to set up recurring scheduling schemes to keep your followers entertained and your social feeds busy at all times.
You can choose whether you want to repeat your evergreen content every week, every month, or according to your own chosen interval.

To schedule a blog post on a recurring scheduling scheme, please go to your dashboard and click on "Share on Social Media" for the respective post.

  • Click on the drop-down menu and
  • Choose "Schedule recurrent post"
  • Choose the timeframe in which you would like to recurringly schedule the post


You now can schedule post recurringly with any date in the future. Let's say you want to post an evergreen content about winter travelling recurringly and it's August. Just set up the scheduling plan and select for instance November, 1st to start the schedule.

For each selected profile, page or group you can schedule up to three different recurring scheduling schemes.

  1. Choose duration
  2. Choose the weekday and time on which you would like toe post to be recurringly shared
  3. Delete or add recurring scheduling schemes by clicking this button

Alternatively, you can also choose your very own, personal recurring scheme to match your specific needs by selecting an interval in which you’d like to repeat your post. Choose whether you want to repeat your evergreen content every week, every month or according to your own chosen interval.


To do so simply select your preferred interval in the drop-down menu of your Blog2Social preview and choose the weekday and time at which you’d like to post.

Scroll down to the end of the page and click on "Share". Done!

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