Connecting Google My Business - Things to check

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2019-04-26 10:57

Make sure you have at least one and up to nine verified locations

Blog2Social uses the official Google My Business API to send your content to your business listing. You can connect business listings with up to nine different locations to Blog2Social and choose which location you want to share your content on.

Google allows access to the API for all companies with up to 9 locations. According to Google, it is possible that this could be extended to larger companies in the future.

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Make sure your locations are verified

To share your content on your business listing with Blog2Social, you need at least one verified location in your business listing. If you have not yet verified your location, please do so as described here: >> Verify your local business listing on Google

Make sure to grant Blog2Social permission to share on your Google listing

While connection your Google account, you will be taken to the access confirmation page. Please make sure to click “allow” to grant Blog2Social the rights to publish on your Google listing.

Tip: You can keep the 2 factor-authentication enabled in your Google Account. When you connect Blog2Social with your Google My Business account, you will be asked for a code once. Please enter the code sent by Google and give the necessary rights so that you can publish your posts with Blog2Social.

Note: Read our Google My Business Guide to see how Google My Business can help you gain more visibility and reach for your business with the latest content.

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