Twitter has blocked my account

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2020-05-28 10:14

If you get a notification that Twitter has blocked or limited your account, there can be multiple reasons for this:

In general, the network algorithms can be triggered by specific content or an unusual posting-frequency that is unlikely to come from a human. The networks' priority is to keep the conversation on a human and personal basis. To protect your account from the Twitter algorithm, please make sure to strictly follow the Twitter Rules or Terms of Service. Make sure you do not just post, but also engage with your followers to keep your account "humane". 

1.  If your account is blocked for security reasons, please log into your Twitter account and follow the instructions to confirm possible queries to verify the ownership of your account or to change your password if it is requested by Twitter. 

2. If your account is suspended for any other reason, and you cannot access your account any longer, please check the  Twitter Rules or Terms of Service for any violation and follow the instruction in the Twitter help guide to unlocking your account

3. If Twitter has blocked only some of your posts, please check the  Twitter Rules or Terms of Service to see if your content or your post frequency violates the community rules in any way and adapt your content.

Find more help and instructions for blocked and limited accounts on Twitter.


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