Version 3.1.2 released

Our today's release improves the Blog2Social Auto-Poster.

You'll now able to auto-post at the individually defined best times. This is one more step to give you the freedom to plan and schedule your communication at any time. 

To use the Auto-Poster for scheduled posting just follow these steps:

  1. Check "enable Auto-Posting" in the editor view fo your blog post
  2. Select the network profile you want to post to
  3. Select "schedule post once" beneath
  4. Adjust the posting time

Blog2Social will auto-post your blog post at the selected time. 

Alternatively you can check "allow for My Best Time Settings" to use your individually adjusted preferred times to post. If you schedule for the same day Blog2Social will look up whether the best times are already passed for the day and automatically schedule for the day after that day.

Better overview about your scheduled post

If you're really active in social media and have many social media posts scheduled in Blog2Social day by day, it might be hard to get a sufficient overview about your schedule.
With the today's release Blog2Social gives you the choice to switch between the list view you're used to and a calendar view.

Once again the Best Time Manager
Blog2Social now recognizes the publishing date of your blog post and schedules the times to share on social media aligned with the Best Time Scheduler. If a time set in the Best Time Manager is already passed the time you publish the post the social media post for the referring social network will be scheduled at best time at the day after.

Improved recurrent scheduling
You now can schedule post recurringly with any date in the future. Let's say you want to post an evergreen content about winter travelling recurringly and it's August. Just set up the scheduling plan and select for instance November, 1st to start the schedule.

What more?
Depending on the license version you've purchased you are able to connect a different number of profiles, pages and groups per network in total. Blog2Social shows you the exact number of possible connections per network.

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Last update: 2017-01-31 13:49
Author: Stefan Müller

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