Version 3.7.0 released

New connections possible: Facebook groups and Reddit

New: Posting Facebook-Groups
More communication on Facebook. Apart from profiles and pages, you are now able to post in any public Facebook group, you are a member of.

To connect to groups, open Blog2Social > Networks and connect the groups. For more detailed information please refer to our FAQ.

New network:
Reddit  is worldwide one of the most popular networks for content sharing. You canshare your content in different Sub-Reddits and the reader will rate it. Depending on the ratings your content will be displayed in the Reddit. 


To share your content to just connect the network in Blog2Social > Networks (depending on your license you can connect up to 15 accounts) and start sharing. Due to limitations of you have to follow at least one stream in to connect your account with Blog2Social.

Additionally we improved...

  • Scheduling: Adjust your desired time in 15-minutes-steps
  • Shortcode Support: If you use shortcodes in your blog post, Blog2Social will automatically interpret this shortcode and treats its content as ordinary text.
  • Emojis: Some people give their posts a personal and emotional touch with emojis. That great! Blog2Social understands you and will display the emojis in your posts. To use emojis in your social media post, just copy and paste the emoji into your posting text in the Blog2Social one-page preview editor.
  • Scheduling for Scheduled Blog Posts: Blog2Social helps you to avoid embarrasing mistakes. If you schedule a blog post to be published in the future, Blog2Social automatically preselects the share-once option for Custom Sharing & Scheduling
Last update: 2017-04-05 11:13
Author: Stefan Müller

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