Version 4.0.0 released - Auto-Posting, Image-Selection, Facebook Groups, Custom Post Formats

Today we released the new version 4.0.0 of Blog2Social. This is new:

Free Image Selection

A post's image is one of the most crucial factors for engagement. You can find a lot of recommendations how images should be. All recommendations have in common that you should consider the network and the channel, if applicable.

Now you can select the best image for each of your social media post.
You can select any image from your blog post, individually for each network and channel. And you can select any other image you want from your WordPress media gallery.

Flexible image selection for social media posts

  1. Click the thumbnail next the posting text in the preview editor
  2. Choose the image from the gallery of the post images
  3. Or click "Select & upload an image from your media gallery"

Select the Post Format for Your Posts
Sometimes you want to post with focus on the link to your post and sometimes you want to focus on an image. Maybe, you want to store a specific image in the network's media gallery.
Blog2Social gives you the choice.
You might already recognized the network settings for Facebook. With the new release you also have the choice for Twitter. And you can access the network settings for Facebook and Twitter directly from the preview editor.
You find the link to the post format selection right above the textarea for the posting text

Select the post format for your social media posts

  • For Facebook
  • For Twitter

Post on Any Facebook Group You're Member of
Many users gave us the feedback that posting on Facebook groups is a big asset. But, at the same time they said that it would be even better, if they could post on every Facebook group they're member of. Okay, task fulfilled. You can connect every Facebook group, you're member of.
Click "+Group" in the network settings, log in to your Facebook profile and select the desired group from the drop-down.

You find a more detailed description in our FAQ.

Detailed Presets for Auto-Posting and (Auto-) Scheduling
Blog2Social offers a comprehensive solution for auto-posting and auto-scheduling. You can now preset, which kind of content you want to auto-post. Activate or deactivate auto-posting by default for each single kind of content: posts, pages or any custom post type. And differentiate between new and updated pieces of content. To edit the presets, open the settings from the left-hand Blog2Social menu. Check or uncheck the respective kind of content.

You can also select your time zone to avoid to re-calculate of the time for scheduling. It's sometimes tedious to schedule, if you work in an international environment. Suppose, the default time zone of your WordPress is set to UST and your local time zone is CET. Scheduling might become complicate. Set your local time zone in the settings and Blog2Social will re-calculate your scheduled times.

Edit presets for auto-posting and auto-scheduling

  1. Edit the time zone
  2. Edit the presets for auto-posting

Earn cash easier with Blog2Social
It's easy to become an affiliate. But for most user it's harder to share and distribute the affiliate link and to generate sales. Now you define a constant in the wp-config.php.
If you set up and run blogs for customers, run a multi-author blog or a MultiSite. Install Blog2Social and define the constant in the wp-config.php. You'll benefit from sales, whenever any user clicks an upgrade trigger in the dashboard and purchases Premium.

FAQ: Learn how to define the constant.

What else is new?

  • You can now also post images without text on Facebook. This is great, if you want to share your infographics.
  • You can integrate emojis even in your scheduled posts.
  • We improved the rich HTML editor for the blogging networks Tumblr, Medium and Torial
Last update: 2017-08-09 12:02
Author: Stefan Müller

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