Version 4.2 released - improved networks overview, adapted rights for “Editor” role

The new update of the WordPress plugin Blog2Social is available with adapted posting rights for users with the assigned role of “editor” and with an improved display of your network overview to enhance your workflow. 

Keep a better overview when cross-promoting to social media

With version 4.2 we improved the display of your network overview. You can now see all of your connected social media accounts at once. If you have selected specific profiles, pages or groups to run targeted campaigns, you will find the respective network profile next to your accounts.

Users with “editor” role can now share all blog posts : Adapted rights for WP users with the role “Editor”

Previously, only users with admin rights could access and share blog posts of other users. In accordance to WordPress user roles we have adapted the rights for users with the role “Editor” for accessing and sharing posts and pages
Users with the assigned role of “editor” can now see, share and schedule all blog posts to all social channels. Happy Sharing!

Improved notifications and transparency

Some bloggers mentioned that it was sometimes confusing to reveal the features available in our FREE and PREMIUM plans. To help you understand which scope of features is included in YOUR Blog2Social license, we have now improved the labeling of free and premium features.
Additionally, we added some helpful tips and explanations to help you navigate through the plugin’s settings even better!  

Last update: 2017-08-09 12:07
Author: Blog2Social

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