Version 4.3 released - New Drag & Drop Calendar for Easier Planning and Editing of scheduled Social Media Posts & Social Meta Tags for Facebook and Twitter

Update Blog2Social to benefit from a new drag & drop calendar which lets you change or edit your scheduled social media post. Connect your blog to the blogger platform Bloglovin’. Change your image, title and descriptions of your link post formats for Facebook and Twitter Cards.

New drag & drop calendar: Keep an overview of your scheduling and change or edit previously scheduled social media posts

With Blog2Social version 4.3 you can now check, change and edit all your scheduled social media posts in an easy drag & drop calendar.

  • Change your post's previous date of publication via drag & drop
  • Change your post’s previous time of publication
  • Change your previously selected image
  • Double check and edit your post’s comments, hashtags and handles

Re-publish your blog posts on Bloglovin’!

For many bloggers, Bloglovin' is one of the biggest sources for new and recurring visitors. With 8 million active users and 750,000 active bloggers, Bloglovin' is the leading destination for readers in North America and Europe to discover and consume fashion, beauty, lifestyle, home decor and food content by their favorite bloggers on web, mobile and via email.

With the new Blog2Social Release 3.4 you can easily re-publish your blog posts on Bloglovin’. Auto post and re-share your blog posts to Bloglovin, keep your subscribers up to date and put your content in front of a great community of bloggers and readers interested in your topics. On top, profit from the reach and features of Bloglovin’ and have an email or push notification send to each of your subscribers the minute you publish a new post. Posting on bloglovin’ will drive more traffic to your blog and get you yet another external link to your website, pushing your SEO ranking. Happy Sharing!

Control your Post’s Appearance on Facebook & Twitter by setting Open Graph (OG) and Twitter Card Tags with Blog2Social

Facebook and Twitter have changed their policy for posting link posts via plugins or web applications. The networks no longer display the featured or selected image for your blog post by default, but only images defined in the Open Graph (OG) or Twitter Card Meta Tags of your blog post. If you have not defined any OG or Twitter Card Meta Tags, Facebook and Twitter displays a random image from your blog post or blog site. If you have defined an image in your blog post’s OG or Twitter Card Meta Tags that does not meet the image size requirements of the networks, Facebook will display a random image instead while Twitter will display a white space. Please make sure that your image meets the image size requirements.

With Blog2Social you can select a featured image or any image you select to be displayed with your link post. Blog2Social will automatically write the required parameter in the OG Meta Tags of your blog post, so that your selected image will be displayed with your link post. If you have defined your own OG meta tags,you can easily deactivate this Blog2Social feature.

Learn more about setting up open graph tags for Facebook and Twitter Cards with Blog2Social:

Last update: 2017-08-28 17:27
Author: Blog2Social

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