Versions 4.4.0 & 4.4.1. released - Auto post RSS feeds & imported content

Version 4.4.1 - 280 character limit for Twitter messages

Twitter has doubled the character count per tweet from 140 to 280 characters. But brevity will still be the soul of Twitter messages. During the first phase of testing only 1 percent of tweets hit the 280 character limit, 2 percent were over 190 characters and only 5 percent were over 140 characters. With Blog2Social you can now test the new freedom of characters on Twitter for yourself.

Version 4.4.0 - Auto post RSS feeds and imported blog posts (Premium Feature)

Update your Blog2Social now to version 4.4 and benefit from an improved Auto-Poster function.

Enable the auto poster for imported content via RSS feed or third-party apps (premium feature) and share your imported blog posts, products or events on Facebook and Twitter. Automatically post imported content as soon as it is published on your website. [Here's a link to the detailed How To]

In addition, Blog2Social 4.4 includes a few minor bugfixes and usability updates to provide you with a hassle-free experience and to support you efficiently in your social media marketing:

XING group name display

When you publish to XING groups, the XING group name and the corresponding group forum are displayed more optimally in the network settings. It is now even easier to navigate between groups and forums when posting.

Share to Goolge+ Group sub-categories (Premium Feature)

With the new release, you can now post in sub-categories of Google+ groups you are a member of. Select the sub-category directly in the Blog2Social editor sharing.

Setting the Image Format for Instagram (Premium Feature)

Choose your preferred image format for Instagram. In Settings -> Network Settings you will now find a menu tab Instagram. There you can choose between Frame Images and Pictures without Frame.

Selecting Frame Image means that rectangular images will be displayed in landscape format. A white bar will be shown at the top and bottom of the respective images.

With Picture without Frame, rectangular images are cropped at the edges, but have the advantage that your overview looks more consistent. The selection has no influence on the image display in the preview of your posts.

Choose your preferred Instagram image format with Blog2Social

Post to Medium Publications
(Premium Feature)

In addition to your media profile, you can now publish your blog posts in Medium publications. Select your publications directly in the network settings.

Medium publications now available for auto posting with Blog2Social

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