Version 4.6 - New Social Network:, Define the Message Content for your Twitter Posts & Usability Updates

Update your Blog2Social to version 4.6 and increase your reach in East Europe and Russia by promoting your content on Select message content for your Twitter posts and benefit from usability add ons that improve Blog2Social’s user experience.

New social network: is one of the leading social networks worldwide. With over 410 million registered users and over 710 million hits per day, attracts a massive amount of traffic every single day. Similar to Facebook, allows you to stay connected and share your content on your profiles, pages and in groups. is the most used social network in Russia and other Post-Soviet states like Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. When targeting an audience in these eastern European countries, is THE network to use.

Share on VK

With the new Blog2Social Release 4.6 you can now easily share your blog posts to your profiles, pages and groups on Auto post and re-share your blog posts to to keep your followers updated. Build your community on by auto posting valuable content, leaving you more free time to personally engage with your followers.
Drive more traffic to your blog by cross promoting your blog posts and creating valuable backlinks to push your blog’s ranking in search engines.

Learn more about How to connect my blog to VK for auto posting?


Define the message content for your Twitter posts

You can now define the message content for the pre-filled Twitter message that will be used for your post preview  and  for auto posting.
You can select to pre-fill your Twitter message with the:

  • Title
  • Title & Content
  • Content only

of your blog post.
If you ticked the box “include Wordpress tags as hashtags in my post”, hashtags will also be added to each message.  

To use this feature, go to Blog2Social -> Settings  -> General.

Usability updates

  • You can now see your scheduled posts in the social media calendar directly in your Blog2Social Dashboard
  • When enabling the Blog2Social auto poster in your WP post editing screen, you can now view your planned posts in the social media calendar
  • You can now enable “legacy mode” in the Blog2Social Settings. In Legacy mode, plugin contents are loaded one after the other (asynchronous loading) to relieve your blog’s hosting server
  • When deactivating Blog2Social in your plugin overview, you can choose whether you want to delete all scheduled posts or still have them go out as planned despite deactivating the plugin.
Last update: 2018-01-30 13:30
Author: Blog2Social

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