Version 4.8 - Post & Schedule Retweets and Multiple Individually Tailored Posts

Update your Blog2Social to version 4.8 to create and plan Twitter Retweets, plan multiple individually tailored posts for your social media accounts and benefit from usability updates for a better user experience.

Post & Schedule Retweets (Premium)

Since Twitter’s new TOS update, sending the same Tweet to multiple twitter accounts or to one Twitter account multiple times is no longer allowed. However, Blog2Social now provides new options to create multiple Tweets for your blog posts that will make it easier to promote your blog in accordance with the new Twitter rules.

Retweets are still allowed on Twitter and a great way to reshare the same Tweets across your accounts.  

With Blog2Social 4.8 you can now schedule multiple Retweets for a Tweet you are planning right from your WordPress backend.

While scheduling a Tweet in the one-page preview editor, you can now enable Retweets and select your other Twitter accounts to Retweet your original Tweet with a short delay.

>>Learn how to schedule Retweets

Schedule multiple individually tailored posts (Premium)

With Blog2Social 4.8, planning and scheduling multiple individually tailored social media posts for your blog post is getting even easier.

Create unique social media posts by using individual comment texts, hashtags, @-handles and images (with the photo-post format) for your posts with only a few clicks.

You can do this now in one single step in your one-page preview editor.

>>Learn how to schedule multiple individually tailored posts

Tipp 1: Unique Tweets for Twitter
Use this feature to create unique Tweets for Twitter. By tailoring your Tweets you have another great way to re-share your blog post multiple times without repeating yourself. And, with multiple individually tailored Tweets, you will get more reach and engagement for your blog post.

Tipp 2: Multiple images on Instagram, Pinterest & Flickr
Posting multiple images from your blog post to Instagram, Pinterest & Flickr is now easier and quicker than ever!  Just select a different image for each of your posts and click “share”.

Usability updates

  • You can now check the delivery status of your posts in the Blog2Social “Posts & Sharing” section by clicking on the tab “Notifications”.
  • XING groups are now sorted alphabetically for easier selection.
  • XING group names are now always displayed in the Scheduled Posts & Shared Posts overview for easier review.
  • The installation routine has been optimized
  • Layout adjustment in the “Networks” section
  • Auto-poster adapted for drafts. Drafts are now checked for auto posting if “updated posts” is selected in the settings.
Last update: 2018-05-22 17:04
Author: Blog2Social

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